Flu Season – Prevention Tips for Seniors and Caregivers

As we move through October and into November, we are entering the cold and flu season in Ontario. The temperatures drop and the amount of vitamin D we are receiving decreases as our daily sunlight minimizes incrementally. These factors, compounded with the cold and flu season, hinder our body’s natural defenses and compromises our immune system. Seniors are especially vulnerable to the cold and flu season as their immune system becomes weaker with age. As well, those who are caregivers for seniors are affected by their vulnerability to the cold...

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Tips to Help Seniors During Daylight Savings Time

Daylight savings time, first conceived by Benjamin Franklin, changes our schedule to suit our preference. The primary purpose of daylight-saving time is to enjoy more of the daylight, so we either ‘fall’- back or ‘spring’- forward depending on the time of the year. As we move into autumn, we ‘fall’-back to utilize more sunlight in the morning, rather than in the evening. As lovely as it is to see the sun shining when we leave the house, it comes at the cost of our evening light which leaves us late...

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Hot Weather Safety Tips for Seniors

Summer is the time of light and joy! The days are longer, the community centers are hosting more activities, the sound of children’s laughter fills the air and the weather is fair. Or it can be. Summer can also bring intense heat and humidity which can adversely affect seniors’ physical health. While summer is undoubtedly the time to seize the day with an adventure, it doesn’t hurt to remember some precautionary measures to beat the heat. Heat-Related Health Issues  Heat-related illnesses gradually worsen with time and exposure. If you can...

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The Benefits of Art Therapy for Seniors

Art therapy is the subject of modern discussions around rehabilitation and enrichment for people in need of self-care or wellness-based activities. Art therapy for the elderly has grown in interest as a tool for increasing the quality of life for seniors, especially seniors with dementia or other cognitive disabilities as it has been shown to have a favorable effect on their treatment process. As well, art therapy is flexible and accessible which allows for seniors of varying socioeconomic statuses to reap the benefits by participating in ways that make sense...

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Assistive Technology for Seniors

Assistive technology can improve a senior’s ability to adapt to new challenges and environments. There are assistive technologies that are designed for a variety of people at different life stages and unique circumstances and can increase their quality of life. Assistive technology is a diverse category that includes items and systems that support health, safety and fulfillment for diverse situations. Within this category, there are options available to suit each person’s specific needs in a way that fosters independence, autonomy and accessibility. Assistive Technology for Homes of Seniors  Video options...

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Tai Chi as part of Home Care Services

The Benefits of Tai Chi for Seniors

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that dates back over 2,500 years. It has been practiced for generations and has been adapted for an assortment of purposes. It descended from qigong which is a praxis that connects the mind, breath and motion to create a peaceful balance. You may have seen a group of slow-moving people doing a synchronized routine in the park or at your local gym space. They are practicing their deliberate, repetitive and low impact movements in a meditative state which fosters coordination and relaxation....

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happy senior woman with flower in pot at home

Easy Indoor Gardening for Seniors

Having the time and space to enjoy leisure hobbies are a wonderful benefit to the slower pace of your twilight years. Hobbies that challenge your mind can help stimulate cognitive function, and decrease stress. Gardening, both indoor and outdoor, can bring joy and a sense of accomplishment to your daily routine. Indoor gardening can be a manageable gateway to those who are interested in gardening but do not want to invest the labor and money into an outdoor garden. There are some considerations to be mindful when starting a new...

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Nutrition During Quarantine

Quarantine has brought many new issues to the surface. People are having to become more adaptive in order to problem solve and remain responsible in this new and ever-changing environment. Similar to the changes of going to university for the first time and getting the ‘Freshman 15’, people are lamenting their changing bodies while they develop their own ‘Quarantine 15’. Anxiety during a pandemic is a common response, and with anxiety comes changed eating habits and that can result in turning to comfort eating or worse, lack of appetite. However,...

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Senior in the Garden

Ideas on How to Pass Time during Self-Isolation

Whilst a self-isolation of this caliber is unlike anything the current generation has experienced, our seniors and elderly are no strangers to hardship. Whether it was war, famine or infectious diseases, the younger generations have a lot they can learn from the resilience and ingenuity of our senior citizens. One incredible example is their ability to adapt and be industrious in dire circumstances. While we are mourning the loss of our physical freedom, we have gained time and we can use that time to pursue our interests and improve morale....

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Social Distancing

Social Connection during Social Distancing

As we are entering the fourth week in quarantine, we are all feeling the emotional strain of social isolation. As we all stay home and take precautions to stay safe and healthy in order to support our local essential workers, it is natural to feel anxious, confused and alone. Especially for those in our community who are the most vulnerable, our elderly and immune-compromised, who must take extra precautions to stay out of public spaces. The COVID-19/Coronavirus more negatively affects those over 60, so seniors must be more careful. However,...

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