Self-Defense for Seniors

Self-defense is a crucial self-skill for anyone of any age to learn and is especially useful for senior citizens. Unfortunately, seniors are targets for attacks due to the perception that they are more vulnerable to attacks. It is true that as people age, they lose muscle mass and become more vulnerable, so it is important to develop healthy habits that combat potential criminals. To begin, we will learn how to try and avoid becoming a target, then learn the physical training to protect ourselves. There are a variety of options...

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Self-Defense Tips for Seniors and Elderly

As seniors grow older, it may become necessary for them to learn a bit about self-defense. The concept of self-defense for seniors is completely different from the concept of self-defense for younger adults. For seniors, self-defense is all about not showing fear. Most self-defense tactics taught to seniors do not focus on combat maneuvers, but instead focus on teaching seniors the ability to stay strong and to protect themselves. Through self-defense tactics, seniors can gain the strength they need to protect themselves, learn how to be more aware of their...

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