Elder Care: Hospital Delirium Prevention

Delirium is a mental illness that can be brought upon by external stress and is often due to hospitalization. It is serious enough that people with delirium are often twice as likely to die in the next year as those without delirium. As well as due to it being an invisible illness, it is much harder to catch in hospitals by medical staff. The internal struggle and external confusion may not be perceived as delirium and can go unnoticed. However, due to the severity of its consequences, it is important...

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Elder Care: Hospital Delirium

Hospital visits can be stressful and frustrating even to the healthiest of us. They are often associated with demanding paperwork, long wait times, and of course the painful reason that sent you there. It is no wonder that most people avoid hospitals and clinics - and for good reason, as despite going to the hospital to get better, being in the hospital long-term can often be associated with the decline of health. Perhaps due to the emotional demands that come with navigating hospital life or even the stress that comes...

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