Intergenerational Activity Ideas

If the last year has taught us anything, it is the importance of our community and our time together. While the new regulations were often challenging, when people discuss what they miss the most it is always their friends and family and spending quality time together. Even if we had been lucky enough to have been living with our immediate family, we still missed our extended family and friends. Extended family and friends provide valuable companionship, life experience and often brighten our horizons with their diverse interests and perspectives. The...

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The Benefits of Intergenerational Relationships for Seniors and Youth

The beginning and end of our lives are times of love, family, and spirituality. These times are the bookends of life and provide a necessary framework for the joys of life, including the rest, growth, and connection to loved ones. Due to the elderly and the youthful having similar rhythms in life, they have a special connection to each other. Both prioritize the wonder of play, whether it is through the exploration of toys or gardens. Often, we divide our communities up by age - our schooling, hobbies, and communities....

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Home Care Services and Pet Therapy

Tips On How to Engage Your Elderly Loved One in Social Activities

Socialization and community connection is a key aspect of a long and happy life. Elders who have thriving social lives usually display increased cognitive ability, better mental health and tend to be more physically fit due to their active lifestyle. Less social seniors find they experience the opposite of those benefits. Unfortunately, as we continue into the Covid-19 pandemic, we are seeing an increase in seniors who are becoming more withdrawn and less socially active. This can be a concern, especially due to the beneficial aspect a thriving social life...

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Fun Fall Activities for Seniors

Fall is the season of autumnal colours, slowing down and finding peace. Usually the pace of our lifestyle slows as the weather gets colder and the sun begins to set sooner. This is a wonderful time to connect with close loved ones and spend quality time on hobbies that bring you joy. Making space for building these moments of connection can boost morale and increase mental wellness. When choosing activities to enjoy with your elderly loved one, it is valuable to consider their individual taste and ability. Each person has...

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Birthday Party Ideas for an Elderly Loved One

Birthdays embody the experience of showing love and appreciation for your loved ones. We meticulously schedule and arrange for transit, gifts and accommodations and the look on our loved one’s face as they sit as the guest of honor makes it all worthwhile. This is true if they are 9 or 90 years old, a birthday is a celebration of them and for them. However, similar to all birthday parties, you have to be mindful of people’s preferences and accessibility. A 19-year-old might like to go see a horror film...

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Fun Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Limited mobility does not equate to a limited life. People with varying degrees of mobility and ability are fully capable of living rich meaningful lives well into their old age. Similar to all ages and stages of life, activities may look different. As well, each person will find meaning in their unique way, so discussing their aspirations and ability-level is important when co-constructing a schedule that sets them up for success. Key points during discussions around new hobbies and interests should be to support them in their goals and finding...

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The Benefits of Art Therapy for Seniors

Art therapy is the subject of modern discussions around rehabilitation and enrichment for people in need of self-care or wellness-based activities. Art therapy for the elderly has grown in interest as a tool for increasing the quality of life for seniors, especially seniors with dementia or other cognitive disabilities as it has been shown to have a favorable effect on their treatment process. As well, art therapy is flexible and accessible which allows for seniors of varying socioeconomic statuses to reap the benefits by participating in ways that make sense...

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Understanding Dementia: Communication Strategies

When communicating with a loved one who has dementia, it is important to consider their specific cognitive circumstances. Each person will have unique symptoms and will need a tailored approach to communication. Dementia and other physical ailments can affect speech, hearing, thinking, memory, and focus on a range of severities. Thus, it is important to differentiate your strategy to hone in on what communication accommodations are necessary to meet their needs. Check-In With Yourself First People with dementia can be easily overwhelmed, so it is important that you are staying...

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Tai Chi as part of Home Care Services

The Benefits of Tai Chi for Seniors

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that dates back over 2,500 years. It has been practiced for generations and has been adapted for an assortment of purposes. It descended from qigong which is a praxis that connects the mind, breath and motion to create a peaceful balance. You may have seen a group of slow-moving people doing a synchronized routine in the park or at your local gym space. They are practicing their deliberate, repetitive and low impact movements in a meditative state which fosters coordination and relaxation....

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happy senior woman with flower in pot at home

Easy Indoor Gardening for Seniors

Having the time and space to enjoy leisure hobbies are a wonderful benefit to the slower pace of your twilight years. Hobbies that challenge your mind can help stimulate cognitive function, and decrease stress. Gardening, both indoor and outdoor, can bring joy and a sense of accomplishment to your daily routine. Indoor gardening can be a manageable gateway to those who are interested in gardening but do not want to invest the labor and money into an outdoor garden. There are some considerations to be mindful when starting a new...

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