Ontario’s New Driver’s Licence Renewal Program for Seniors

We are happy to publish a guest post written by Lisa Thompson. Lisa is a Senior Marketing Planner at the Road Safety Marketing Office in Ontario's Ministry of Transportation. Seniors are a rapidly growing segment of our Ontario driver population.  That is why it is so important that we, as drivers, maintain our safe driving skills for the duration of our driving lives.  The Ontario government realizes that for many seniors, maintaining their drivers licence allows them to stay mobile and independent longer. With aging, however, comes change.  As we...

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Tips for Helping Elderly Parents Adjust To Life without Driving

As we age we begin to lose some of the abilities that are needed to drive because of the changes that our bodies face. Many seniors have trouble driving due to a decrease in their vision or hearing or because their motor reflexes have slowed down a bit. All of these factors along with stiffer and weaker bodies cause the number of fatal car crashes to be significantly higher in drivers that are over 70 years old. To help protect your elderly loved one, it is very important to know...

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