Natural Remedies to Reduce Anxiety in Seniors

In contemporary culture, mental health is becoming more a common discussion point. Mental wellness is valuable to have a high quality of life, and it is important to maintain your mind and body to support your emotional wellbeing as a senior. When considering your own mental wellness, you may come across personal struggles, including feelings of anxiety. Anxiety symptoms can manifest in a variety of different ways and can be mental and physical. Mental Anxiety Feeling tense, upset, and nervous Trepidation and panic Trouble concentrating Overpowering worry Avoidance  Physical Anxiety...

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Common Myths and Misconceptions Related to Elderly Mental Health

Due to the activism of mental health specialists and activists, mental health and illness is a concept that is becoming more normalized and accepted in society. Having a mental illness can be challenging, and even debilitating at times so it is important to consider effective treatment. Mental illness is treatable but often the treatment is not utilized due to the associated misconceptions and stigma. This is also compounded by the stereotypes regarding senior health and wellness, placing blame on aging, or dementia for cognitive decline. These myths are one of...

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