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Finding the Right Pill Organizer for Your Loved One

Many people of all ages must take daily medication to live life to the fullest, especially seniors who usually take at least one type of medication every day. Medicine is an essential service and is paramount for the health and physical safety of seniors. Unfortunately, seniors can sometimes also suffer from a cognitive impairment which can affect memory function and lead to forgetting to take their prescribed drugs. Worst case scenario, they may skip doses or overdose which will have dire health consequences. Therefore, it is critical to have a...

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Signs of Caregiver Burnout and Tips for Prevention

Caregivers are some of the hardest working and selfless people you’d ever meet. Whether it is through love or duty, they have stepped up to the plate to care for their elderly or disabled loved one. Whilst it is honorable to care for loved ones in need, that care is not without sacrifice. Caregivers must juggle the many roles they have: parent, spouse, worker, caregiver. Without support and compassionate boundaries, this can be daunting for caregivers, and often makes them feel like they are failing at all their relationships and...

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Hot Weather Safety Tips for Seniors

Summer is the time of light and joy! The days are longer, the community centers are hosting more activities, the sound of children’s laughter fills the air and the weather is fair. Or it can be. Summer can also bring intense heat and humidity which can adversely affect seniors’ physical health. While summer is undoubtedly the time to seize the day with an adventure, it doesn’t hurt to remember some precautionary measures to beat the heat. Heat-Related Health Issues  Heat-related illnesses gradually worsen with time and exposure. If you can...

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The Benefits of Art Therapy for Seniors

Art therapy is the subject of modern discussions around rehabilitation and enrichment for people in need of self-care or wellness-based activities. Art therapy for the elderly has grown in interest as a tool for increasing the quality of life for seniors, especially seniors with dementia or other cognitive disabilities as it has been shown to have a favorable effect on their treatment process. As well, art therapy is flexible and accessible which allows for seniors of varying socioeconomic statuses to reap the benefits by participating in ways that make sense...

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Assistive Technology for Seniors

Assistive technology can improve a senior’s ability to adapt to new challenges and environments. There are assistive technologies that are designed for a variety of people at different life stages and unique circumstances and can increase their quality of life. Assistive technology is a diverse category that includes items and systems that support health, safety and fulfillment for diverse situations. Within this category, there are options available to suit each person’s specific needs in a way that fosters independence, autonomy and accessibility. Assistive Technology for Homes of Seniors  Video options...

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Understanding Dementia: Communication Strategies

When communicating with a loved one who has dementia, it is important to consider their specific cognitive circumstances. Each person will have unique symptoms and will need a tailored approach to communication. Dementia and other physical ailments can affect speech, hearing, thinking, memory, and focus on a range of severities. Thus, it is important to differentiate your strategy to hone in on what communication accommodations are necessary to meet their needs. Check-In With Yourself First People with dementia can be easily overwhelmed, so it is important that you are staying...

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Understanding Dementia: Communication

Dementia is a group of symptoms that affects cogitative function which negatively impacts thinking, socializing and communicating to the extent that it interferes with daily life. Brain function that is impacted affects memory and judgment, which compounds their issues with communication. People with dementia have difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings because of the impacted brain function. Alzheimer’s disease and diseases with dementia symptoms can worsen over time and diminish a person’s ability to connect with their loved ones. Stages of Dementia Symptoms  Earliest Stage - Mild severity: when a...

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Tai Chi as part of Home Care Services

The Benefits of Tai Chi for Seniors

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that dates back over 2,500 years. It has been practiced for generations and has been adapted for an assortment of purposes. It descended from qigong which is a praxis that connects the mind, breath and motion to create a peaceful balance. You may have seen a group of slow-moving people doing a synchronized routine in the park or at your local gym space. They are practicing their deliberate, repetitive and low impact movements in a meditative state which fosters coordination and relaxation....

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Home Care Services and Pet Therapy

Benefits of Pet Therapy for Seniors

The presence of a beloved pet or animal companion can bring joy and comfort to people of all ages, especially seniors. Whilst not all situations are the same, if you have a senior in your life that is an animal lover, introducing an animal companion system can be hugely beneficial to their mental and physical health. Spending time with an animal companion, similarly to spending time with a loved one, can assist with isolation-related loneliness, social enrichment and physical engagement. Even if a senior is unable to care full time...

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happy senior woman with flower in pot at home

Easy Indoor Gardening for Seniors

Having the time and space to enjoy leisure hobbies are a wonderful benefit to the slower pace of your twilight years. Hobbies that challenge your mind can help stimulate cognitive function, and decrease stress. Gardening, both indoor and outdoor, can bring joy and a sense of accomplishment to your daily routine. Indoor gardening can be a manageable gateway to those who are interested in gardening but do not want to invest the labor and money into an outdoor garden. There are some considerations to be mindful when starting a new...

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