Dementia Care: Safe Gardening Tips

As winter gives way to spring, and the earth loses its permafrost, gardeners find their way to their yards to cultivate their land. Gardening can be a practical way to connect with nature and build a relationship with the land. Spending time outdoors can be a great way to improve morale through the improvement of strength and stamina, and the reduction of stress. However, for people with dementia, it can also present unique safety hazards, so you should ensure you are taking the proper precautions before introducing them to the...

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Good Places for Seniors to Meet and Make New Friends

As people grow older, sometimes they lose friends. Whether their friends and them grow apart, of their friends grow old and pass away, some seniors find themselves becoming very lonely. Loneliness is not healthy for anyone, but it can be especially harmful for seniors. If your elderly loved one does not seem to have many friends and does not know what to do about it, then you can help them by suggesting a few of the places below. All of these places are great places that seniors can go in...

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