Intergenerational Activity Ideas

If the last year has taught us anything, it is the importance of our community and our time together. While the new regulations were often challenging, when people discuss what they miss the most it is always their friends and family and spending quality time together. Even if we had been lucky enough to have been living with our immediate family, we still missed our extended family and friends. Extended family and friends provide valuable companionship, life experience and often brighten our horizons with their diverse interests and perspectives. The...

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The Benefits of Intergenerational Relationships for Seniors and Youth

The beginning and end of our lives are times of love, family, and spirituality. These times are the bookends of life and provide a necessary framework for the joys of life, including the rest, growth, and connection to loved ones. Due to the elderly and the youthful having similar rhythms in life, they have a special connection to each other. Both prioritize the wonder of play, whether it is through the exploration of toys or gardens. Often, we divide our communities up by age - our schooling, hobbies, and communities....

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Keeping Up and Connecting with the Grandchildren

For many grandparents, relating to their younger grandchildren and family members can be challenging. It may take some time, and a bit of both observation and investigation to determine what your grandkids are interested in, but after a bit of time, grandparents can definitely relate to their grandchildren. If you have grandchildren that you are struggling to connect with, then follow some of the tips below in order to break the ice with your adolescent and teenage grandkids and show them how much you love them. Play Video Games Video...

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