Fun Fall Activities for Seniors

Fall is the season of autumnal colours, slowing down and finding peace. Usually the pace of our lifestyle slows as the weather gets colder and the sun begins to set sooner. This is a wonderful time to connect with close loved ones and spend quality time on hobbies that bring you joy. Making space for building these moments of connection can boost morale and increase mental wellness.

When choosing activities to enjoy with your elderly loved one, it is valuable to consider their individual taste and ability. Each person has a unique perspective on which hobbies will spark joy in their life as well as which will leave them energized or depleted of energy. It is valuable to consider their choice in activity while acknowledging both their ability and energy level in regard to those activities.

If you and your elderly loved one are outdoorsy types, and the colder and wetter weather is daunting for you, consider shorter trips outside in more accessible areas. A forest hike might be lovely on a crisp sunny day, but the terrain may be too much as the weather turns wetter and muddier. The cold may also cause a chill if walking outside for too long. Thus, shorter trips in well-developed areas like municipal parks, beaches and walking paths may be safer and more appropriate. Another options for seniors who are active is skipping the long walk and trying a new more balanced -based hobby like tai chi, yoga or other fun physical activity classes. These activities can be performed indoors and outdoors with the added benefit of not being in the elements for too long. If your senior is an avid gardener, then fall is an excellent time to plant those perennial bulbs and come spring, your home will be blooming with yearly flowers.

Although getting outside in short bursts is effective for boosting mental wellness, sometimes the weather will not agree with us. So, it is important to have fun indoor activities in your arsenal. The best part of the indoors is that it is easy to plan for and all necessary equipment and comfort items are accessible. Hosting at your home may require more prep, however it also comes with the added benefit of being in your home base. Hosting a weekly friendship hobby group will bring companionship and happiness to your elderly loved one. There are many beloved hobbies to choose from, and it may also be fun to switch up what they do each week.

Some options are:

  • ‘Close-knit’ knitting & crocheting club
  • Video game club
  • Cooking club
  • Book club
  • Film club
  • Arts and crafts club
  • Game show club
  • Dog walking club
  • Music appreciation club

These are just a few examples to get you started, however your elderly loved one and their friends will be a wealth of knowledge in choosing a hobby that suits them. The important part is that your elderly loved one is being stimulated mentally, physically and emotionally. Choosing the right hobbies, those which bring them joy, relax and challenge them, is a valuable way to keep their brain strong and their heart feeling loved and cared for.

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