Eldercare: Common Foods that Interact with Medication

Foods contain the vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for us to live long healthy lives. However, those same vitamins and minerals that can be healthy can also interfere with certain medications. It is important for all ages to be mindful of their prescriptions but this is especially important for seniors, who are often taking more medications, each one of which having the potential to interact complexly with their bodies, and diets. Negative reactions between food and drugs can be prevented by being knowledgeable about which medications interact negatively with specific...

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Common Health Scams Targeting Seniors

It seems like everywhere you look there is a new scam that could target seniors. Most of the scams that affect seniors in today’s society deal with health problems. Magazines, television ads, and newspaper ads all tout miracle drugs that claim to do everything from cure arthritis to cancer. “Smart Drugs” are advertised across every media outlet that claim to cure painful ailments and keep people healthy. These drugs are unregulated, and could actually cause more harm than good. Health scams and the marketing of unproven cures have been around...

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The Dangers of Sleeping Pills for the Elderly

Sleeping difficulties can be extremely frustrating. It is a horrible feeling to go to bed each night and lay awake for hours on end. One solution that helps many people get to sleep is sleeping pills. These small, often addictive, tablets are packed with medications that will cause you to drift right to sleep and stay asleep. Sleeping pills are convenient, fast, and often easy to obtain. They are an easy way to tackle a sleepless night, and can be extremely safe if taken in small doses for short amounts...

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