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Memory Loss: Age-Related or Dementia? (Part 1)

As we age, some of us may suffer from forgetfulness or memory loss. It can manifest differently for each person and can be a source of stress and anxiety. A significant amount of stress related to memory loss is the fear of inadequacy or losing a sense of self. This fear is fueled by a lack of information about memory loss and the diversity of diagnosis which may affect memory. This myth-busting article will cover memory loss from normal aging, or age-associated memory impairment and other important factors to consider....

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Assistive Devices for Seniors

As we get older, we must meet new challenges with wisdom and ingenuity. These challenges are unique to every situation but with empathy and communication you can find creative solutions so you can live your life to the fullest. According to Statistics Canada, one in five of the adult population has a physical disability, and that increases to approximately 50% in those 75 years and older. It may be uncomfortable and frustrating to navigate your feelings about your physical ability level, but if you realize you are finding your daily...

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Independence and In-Home Care for Seniors

The value of dignity is immeasurable; no matter our age or ability level, we all strive to live a life with dignity and joy. That can look different for different people, but at the core is our desire for both community and independence. Independence can be a tricky subject with our senior loved ones. They have lived a full capable life and continue to do so, however, with Aging comes new challenges. These challenges can be frustrating for a highly independent person. It does not mean they are incapable, far...

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Caring for Parents with Dementia at Home

As your parents get older, you will find yourself being called over for chores, maybe even more then when you were a kid! Physical or complicated domestic duties that they need help with might be mowing the lawn, cleaning the roof and spring cleaning their attic. However, if your parent has dementia, those domestic duties are ever-expanding with their progression and specialized care will be necessary. There are a variety of different diagnoses that lead to dementia, but it is important to be mindful that the symptoms may range from...

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Home Care Agency or Private Caregiver

When deciding to hire a caregiver for your elderly loved one, it is essential that you are doing your research and getting informed about the risks and benefits of hiring a caregiver through an agency or hiring them privately. Insurance and Legality When hiring a private caregiver, you are responsible as the employers to have updated and comprehensive insurance for them as your employee, and their working environment, your home. You have to have insurance for their workplace safety if there was an accident. They will be working in a...

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Nutrition During Quarantine

Quarantine has brought many new issues to the surface. People are having to become more adaptive in order to problem solve and remain responsible in this new and ever-changing environment. Similar to the changes of going to university for the first time and getting the ‘Freshman 15’, people are lamenting their changing bodies while they develop their own ‘Quarantine 15’. Anxiety during a pandemic is a common response, and with anxiety comes changed eating habits and that can result in turning to comfort eating or worse, lack of appetite. However,...

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Self-Care for Caregivers During Quarantine

Elder care can be very rewarding and fosters meaningful connections between loved ones in their twilight years. It can create a beautiful space for beloved memories and increase opportunities for bonding with elderly loved ones. However, it also takes hard work and resilience because of the varied and unique challenges each person and situation calls for. Even during normal times, primary caregivers can suffer from physical and emotional burnout and need secondary caregivers, family, friends and professionals to share the load. However, during these extenuating circumstances, the need for more...

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How to take care of elderly loved ones during self-isolation

Caring for elderly loved ones over a long distance is a duty for many caregivers and family members. However, with ever-changing guidelines and restrictions in elder care facilities affecting the lives of their wards, it has become increasingly complicated to care for your elderly loved one. In addition, the updates from the government and World Health Organization for best practice for independent senior citizens is constant and in flux, with evidence based on global and community threat assessment. It can be difficult and stressful to parse through the news and...

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Exercise for Elders: Accessible Fitness During Quarantine

Quarantine is the safest option to take in order to protect yourself and your families from the Coronavirus, however, there is an unfortunate irony to our homestead strategy; the physical strain of sedentary behavior. Excessive sitting and minimal daily movement can have dire consequences to the health and wellness of senior citizens. This can be especially difficult for elders who live alone, or in retirement care facilities who may not have as many reasons or reminders to include movement into their schedule. Therefore, it is important to create a daily...

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Senior in the Garden

Ideas on How to Pass Time during Self-Isolation

Whilst a self-isolation of this caliber is unlike anything the current generation has experienced, our seniors and elderly are no strangers to hardship. Whether it was war, famine or infectious diseases, the younger generations have a lot they can learn from the resilience and ingenuity of our senior citizens. One incredible example is their ability to adapt and be industrious in dire circumstances. While we are mourning the loss of our physical freedom, we have gained time and we can use that time to pursue our interests and improve morale....

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