Caring for a Senior with Edema

While swelling, weight gain, or puffiness in certain areas may not always be a cause for concern, it can be a result of edema which may require necessary treatment. Edema is a medical term for swelling in the body and can be a symptom of chronic medical conditions, which can be especially serious for seniors. Edema can manifest in the body in a variety of ways and can be located in a generalized way or a localized spot and can range from minor to severe. Edema is often caused by...

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What Your Nails are Telling You about Your Health

Your nails can actually tell you and your doctor a lot about your health. Most people do not pay much attention to their nails. Women tend to file and polish their nails, while men simply cut theirs and let them be. For this reason, most people do not pay attention to changes in their nails. A perfectly manicured set of nails shows that someone is clean, hygienic and healthy. But what happens when those nails do not look so hot? Here are a few common issues that occur with nails...

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What Your Hands Can Tell You About Your Health

Human hands are part of what sets them apart from other species living on Earth. Our hands are full of dexterity and ability. With opposable thumbs, we can pick up almost any item and do almost anything that we desire. Did you know though that human hands can also say something pretty important about your health? Hands are not only one of the greatest tools given to humans; they are also one of the key body parts to be examined by doctors for medical issues that are occurring all over...

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