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On Dementia, Alzheimer and Screenwriters

Friday's episode of the Sci-Fi TV show “Fringe” presented a unique story where a loving husband was able to temporary turn back time and talk with his wife before she succumbed to Alzheimer. If you follow the entertainment industry (e.g. TV and movies) you probably have noticed that in the past 12 months the number of stories using Dementia and Alzheimer as a plot driver has increased significantly. In addition to Friday's episode, the mother of the main character in the TV show "unforgettable" suffers from Dementia as well. The...

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Making a Decision: Retirement Home or Home Care Services

The front page of Toronto Star’s Saturday edition had a full page article about Dan Heap, the former Spadina MP who has Alzheimer. Mr. Heap was 5 years in a waiting list for a nursing home while living in a retirement home since 2009 paying $10,000 (!) a month for lodging and care for him and his wife. (For the full article, Click Here) In the article, Mr. Heap’s son (Danny) wonders if the family should have paid to build a ramp in Mr. and Mrs. Heap’s apartment and should have...

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There is a lot of information online about home care, caregiving, seniors, the elderly, baby boomers and aging that it is almost doesn’t make sense to open another blog. So… why are we still doing it? After close to a year of research and deliberations, we believe that a blog of our own will allow us to address what we feel is missing from other blogs: Comprehensive View –Online blogs usually have a common “theme” in their posted articles. That theme is usually the publisher’s specific type of services or...

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