The Effects of Virtual Reality on Alzheimer’s Patients

Imagine having the opportunity to visit incredible sites or peaceful forests. What it might feel like to have those new and exciting or relaxing experiences available regardless of your physical space or ability level.  Virtual Reality (VR) has been around for a long time, however, in a contemporary sense VR technology is more affordable and more accessible than ever.  The reality of immersing yourself in a peaceful beach may not be far off, and this accessibility opens new opportunities within the context of healthcare.  Some hospitals have already integrated virtual...

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Assistive Technology for Seniors

Assistive technology can improve a senior’s ability to adapt to new challenges and environments. There are assistive technologies that are designed for a variety of people at different life stages and unique circumstances and can increase their quality of life. Assistive technology is a diverse category that includes items and systems that support health, safety and fulfillment for diverse situations. Within this category, there are options available to suit each person’s specific needs in a way that fosters independence, autonomy and accessibility. Assistive Technology for Homes of Seniors  Video options...

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