Grieving a Dying Loved One During the Holidays

In many countries of the world, the winter holidays are often stated to be the most magical and wonderful time of the year. However, due to this sentiment as well as the emotional gravitas that we put upon this time of year, it can lead to mixed emotions when the holidays do not feel the way that you think they should.  the holidays are about coming together with friends and family and sharing the joy and of building those memories together. However, as the expectation is to spend time with...

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Types of Grief Personalities

Death and loss are natural parts of life, but that does not make them any easier for people to deal with when they occur. Everyone has their own way of grieving but there are often categories that people fall into based on how they grieve. Knowing about these categories or grief personalities can be useful for those who have a family member or other loved one who is facing a death or loss. In this article we would like to provide some information about different grief personalities so that family...

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