Eldercare: Feeding Tubes

Feeding tubes are a medical device used for people with medical conditions that impair chewing and swallowing. The feeding tube allows for liquidized nutrition to be administered for people who are unable to eat independently. While it is a difficult choice for the individual and the primary caregiver to make, it is indispensable to the health and physical wellness of those who cannot feed themselves. Due to the nature of this assistive device, primary caregivers and families often may have to make this decision on behalf of their elderly loved...

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Tips for Dealing with an Elderly Parent Who Wants to Leave a Nursing Home

The choice to integrate an elderly loved one's life into a community living environment can be very challenging. There are many angles to consider including personal preferences, cultural requirements as well as health and safety.  And just when things are settled and you found the perfect place for your elderly loved one to live out the rest of their days in comfort and safety, you may hear the dreaded words “I want to go home”. This may feel devastating, especially to someone who has worked hard to look at all...

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ADHD in Seniors: Coping Strategies

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) is a condition in the brain that can affect every aspect of your life. Due to the executive dysfunction that is present in those with ADHD, daily tasks such as paying bills, getting to work on time, and remembering and completing the household chores can be an uphill battle. The symptoms of ADHD affect performance not only at work and in professional spaces but also in their personal life. Building and maintaining relationships both personal and professional can be challenging due to the impulsive nature...

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