Tips for Seniors: Beating the Post-Holiday Blues

The joys of the holiday season can brighten up our lives. However, the highs of the holidays can also foreshadow the lows of the winter new year. The winter new year is often cold and gloomy compared to the joyous reunions of the family over the holidays. Due to this comparison, the post-holiday experience can feel quite lonely and depressing.  This is especially true for seniors, as they may live away from their friends and family and may not see them during this time.  beating the post-holiday blues can be a challenge. However, keeping in mind the importance of community there are some strategies you can enact.


While the holidays are a time of delightful traditions such as delicious food and special gifts, it can also mean that there is a big price tag that comes along with those holidays. This can be incredibly stressful for seniors who may want to participate in those holiday traditions but may struggle afterward with the ramifications of this price tag. it is important to be inclusive of people of all economic statuses during the holiday season and be mindful of the price that your elderly loved one may have to pay afterward.  If you are a close loved one of a senior, try to be mindful of the activities that you plan with them and find low-cost activities that you can do.  The restaurants you choose and any activities you plan do not need to be expensive; the most important thing is for you and your loved ones to be together. Thus, try to pick a restaurant or an activity that is within everyone’s price range or offer to treat them as a holiday gift. On the other hand, if you find yourself in an economic predicament, such as a big credit payment coming due in January, sit down and be honest with your finances and set up a budget with your bank in order to pay it off effectively.  If you need some help with financial literacy, ask someone you trust to go with you to plan with your financial advisor on how to pay off the bill most effectively.  If you have been asked by an elderly loved one to help navigate an expensive bill or assist with some budgeting concerns, be sure that you meet them with respect, as it can be incredibly daunting to admit any financial concerns.  It takes courage to admit you need help, especially with finances and it is always better to get ahead of the budgetary problem before it grows.

Health and Wellness

At the beginning of the new year comes a fresh start. It is a great time to take stock of your health and consider what health goals you may want to prioritize this year.  This is a great reminder to make a doctor’s appointment for your yearly checkup and discuss potential goals with your family care provider.  Ensure that any goals that you make, such as New Year’s resolutions, are small and meaningful.  Goals are more likely to be achieved when they are reasonable and accessible.  As well, dental health goes a long way towards the health and wellness of seniors everywhere. Make sure you set up your dental appointment in order to check out those pearly whites!


The main culprit of the post-holiday blues is more often than not the lack of socializing.  The joys of the holidays and the quality time spent with our loved ones can be a great boon for our soul, however, it can also be a painful reminder of the loneliness when we go back to our regular lives.  It is important to stay connected with our support systems and there are a few ways you can go about that.  Try and make a socializing schedule, ask your friends and family when they may be free for a phone call or a video conference on a weekly or monthly basis. This can be a great way to keep in touch, especially if you pair this with an activity such as a monthly book club, movie club, or a recipe swap.  If you are missing being in physical space with people, another option is getting involved in your local community.  A neighborhood walk can be a great way to meet new neighbors and get physically active in order to get your exercise and some extra vitamin D in order to limit the effects of seasonal affective disorder.  Another great option is volunteering and giving back to the community. Everyone has a special gift that they can offer, whether it is baking a casserole for neighbor in need or helping out at a local animal shelter.  Giving back to the community can give you a sense of purpose as well as foster friendships with like-minded community members.

The post-holiday blues may seem inevitable but there are steps we can take to minimize the depressing outlook during the cold New Year.  Staying connected is the number one way of beating the feeling of loneliness after all the holiday parties are over. So reach out for help if you need help and offer help to your loved ones and community if you have the resources to give. The generosity and compassion of the holiday season need not finish after the holidays but can continue in the new year. This will give you a sense of purpose and a sense of connection that will enrich and bring joy to your life.


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