New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Seniors

The winter is full of tradition, and the celebration of the New Year is a global cultural phenomenon. Every family and culture have their own traditions during the passing of the new year, and New Year resolutions are often a key aspect. By making New Year resolutions, you are setting optimistic goals for your immediate future. It is an opportunity to take a look at your habits and consider how you can make positive changes to improve your quality of life. New Year’s resolutions are personal and tailored to you, as you are your best advocate for leading the life you want. The goals you set for yourself are reflective of the person you want to be!

New Year’s resolutions can be a bittersweet tradition, as many people strive to keep to their goals and are disappointed if they do not meet their standards. The trick in goal setting is to focus on routines and set realistic goals for yourself first before building up to larger goals. As well, goals are more likely to stick into a routine if they are attached to another routine you already have.  For example, if you brush your teeth twice a day at the same time then that is an ingrained routine. So if you wanted to develop a new habit then you can build on that routine.   so if your new goal is to floss, then every day after you brush your teeth you remember to floss. By building your new habit on top of an already ingrained routine you are more likely to stick to it and integrate it into your daily schedule.  As well, small achievable goals are more likely to be successful than large goals. It is challenging to go from no writing to writing a novel every day.  However, if your goal is to write one page every day, then you are more likely to stick to that goal and be successful.  Lastly, it is important to be as specific as possible with your goals. if your goal is to write every day, it may be a struggle to navigate how much you need to write and what you need to do. However, if you set your goal for writing 1 page every day or writing for 20 minutes every day, then you know how to schedule it into your day and you know when you are done and you can feel pride in your work. So be specific and set small but achievable goals for yourself in order to be successful at your New Years’ resolutions.


Health & Wellness

Health and wellness are important parts of goal setting. Making positive changes to your daily routine to benefit your overall health can improve your quality of life. Your goal setting should be based on your circumstances. Some potential health goals are the following:

  1. Ten minutes of daily exercise
  2. Ten minutes of meditation
  3. Ten minutes of stretching
  4. Wearing sunscreen
  5. Creating a doctor appointment schedule
  6. Creating a dentist appointment schedule
  7. Taking your medication on time
  8. Quitting smoking
  9. Considering therapy to improve mental wellness
  10. Considering physiotherapy to improve physical wellness

Socializing and Community Outreach

Being connected to your friends and family is very important for seniors as elderly people are more likely to suffer from isolation and loneliness. Some potential social goals are the following:

  1. Create a calling schedule with your family – such as Tuesday Talk-Day with your cousin
  2. Call to reach out to a friend once a week
  3. Make a playdate schedule with your grandchildren – Sunday morning brunch with grandma
  4. Learn to video-call and teach a friend
  5. Find a hobby at a local community center and participate
  6. Volunteer at a local cause that matters to you
  7. Plan a neighborhood walk with some neighbors
  8. Plan a date night once a month
  9. Offer to cook a meal for someone who needs a helping hand
  10. Write an appreciative letter or email to those who may need a boost in their day

New Year’s resolutions are reflective of the person you want to be. A new year is a perfect time to look inward and decide how you can best be happy and fulfilled in your life. Once you find your path, make sure you set small achievable goals and attach them to a routine you already have so you have the best chance to be successful.


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