Common Myths and Misconceptions about Home Care

In today’s society, much of the elderly population is choosing not to go into a nursing home or an assisted living facility once they grow older. Instead, many seniors are opting to stay in their own homes and hire caregivers. Caregivers come with a variety of skills and can help your loved ones care for themselves both personally and medically. Caregivers can run errands, prep meals, finish laundry, or provide a variety of medical care to your loved ones. They also can come to your loved one’s homes as frequently...

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Common Misconceptions about Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can occur in anyone at any age. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are very common, especially in the elderly. A simple fall in your elderly loved one’s home can result in a TBI. Brain injuries can also occur from car accidents or from a blow to the head. Your brain is a delicate organ that is protected only by the thin lattice of bone in your skull. A simple hit to the head can cause your brain to float around inside of your skull and hit the bone. If...

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Common Myths and Misconceptions about the Flu

Myths about the flu virus run as rampant as the virus itself. There are so many myths and misconceptions surrounding the flu virus, that it is hard to keep them at bay during flu season. Unfortunately, many of the myths and misconceptions are so misconstrued that they propagate completely false information throughout the medical world. With flu and cold season on the horizon, it is essential that you get your facts straight about the nasty flu virus. To start you off, here are a few of the common myths and...

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