Common Misconceptions about Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can occur in anyone at any age. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are very common, especially in the elderly. A simple fall in your elderly loved one’s home can result in a TBI. Brain injuries can also occur from car accidents or from a blow to the head. Your brain is a delicate organ that is protected only by the thin lattice of bone in your skull. A simple hit to the head can cause your brain to float around inside of your skull and hit the bone. If...

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Types of Acquired Brain Injury

The brain is a complex and intricate organ that controls our every thought and movement. Through the connections our brains makes, we learn skills and information throughout our lives. Our brain allows us to learn information, move through space and stay alive and even while you are sleeping your brain is extremely active. As people age, their brains slow down a bit in order to encompass the large amounts of information they have amassed throughout their lives. Many elderly people have trouble recalling certain memories and information from their early...

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