Summer Activities for Seniors

Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors with your loved ones or take a vacation. There are plenty of ways to include your elderly loved ones in your summer plans. Seniors might not enjoy all of the summer activities that their younger family members enjoy but there are plenty of common ground areas that everyone can enjoy together. In this article we would like to offer some ideas for fun summer activities for seniors that they might enjoy.


Seniors who want to go swimming can visit a pool in their area, go to the beach or go to the lake. Many fitness clubs have water aerobics courses, seniors can sign up for the course and possibly meet other people close to their age while enjoying some low impact exercise or just enjoy swimming in the pool during the day. Those with a pool at their house can have a family cook out and get the family together so everyone can enjoy spending time together swimming and eating. The lake is another good destination for seniors because they can enjoy spending time with their family and fish or ride a boat. Those who prefer the sand can go to the beach during the early morning or late afternoon when it is not as hot outside and walk along the shore, sunbathe or swim in the ocean. Seniors with grandchildren can help their grandchildren build a sand castle or look for sea shells near the water.


Seniors who prefer learning activities can visit a museum or historical site. Museums give seniors the opportunity to enjoy looking at artifacts or art that they might not have seen before and most museums offer tours for those who want a guided tour with extra information about the artifacts in the museum. Historical sites are also a lot of fun and they usually have guided tours as well where tour guides tell stories while walking guests around the location. Seniors can also visit a planetarium if they want to look at the stars or the zoo if they like animals. A trip to the zoo might be especially fun for seniors with young grandchildren who will enjoy seeing the animals as well.


Doing things around the house is another good way for seniors to spend their summer days. Many seniors enjoy gardening, and the summer is the perfect time to start a garden while the weather is nice and warm. Seniors can plant flowers to spruce up their yard or vegetables if they want to grow their own vegetables at home. Reading is another great summer activity that seniors can do at home that is fun and relaxing. Seniors can visit their local library to find books that interest them or look for audio books if they have trouble seeing.

Outdoor Hobbies

The summer is also a great time to take up a new hobby or move your favorite hobby outside. Seniors who do not have any favorite hobbies can use their summer downtime to take up a hobby like painting or woodworking. Taking up a hobby is a great activity for all year round as it keeps seniors from getting bored and allows them to learn new skills or improve their skills. Those who already have a hobby might enjoy moving their hobby outside for a while. For instance, those who enjoy painting can move their canvas outside and paint a summer landscape picture or enjoy the fresh air while they pain. Games like card games and board games are also fun to play outside and seniors can invite their friends or family members over and play on a table in the backyard.

Keeping busy during the summer months does not have to be costly, but it is a great way to keep seniors from getting bored and depressed while they have a lot of downtime to relax. Family caregivers can follow the tips on this list to make sure that their elderly loved ones have a fun and enjoyable summer. No matter what activities family caregivers choose to do with their elderly loved ones, they should always make sure that their loved ones get plenty of water and do not get too hot in the summer heat so that they will remain healthy and not get sick or dehydrated.

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