Spring Cleaning To-Do List for Seniors

Many people look forward to the return of spring and use the new warm weather to their advantage and start cleaning and airing out their homes. Spring is the perfect time for cleaning because people can open up the windows and let fresh air in and go outside and enjoy the warmer weather while taking care of outdoor chores like yard work and home maintenance. Seniors might need some help with their spring cleaning tasks and can recruit family members to come in and help. We at Carefect Home Care Services would like to share some tips for seniors as they begin their spring cleaning endeavors.

Inside The Home

The first thing seniors should do is clean the inside of their home. Many people like to start with their wardrobe. Boxing up or getting rid of winter clothes is an easy place to start and it creates room for warm weather clothes. After changing out their wardrobe, seniors should change out their bedding. Lighter blankets are often better for warmer weather, and pillows should be replaced or washed to rid them of any mold, bacteria or odor. Once seniors have tidied up their bedroom area they can move on to other areas of the house and begin cleaning up their curtains and blinds to remove dust and start getting rid of things that they do not want anymore. Many people use the return of spring as a chance to clean out and have a garage sale. Seniors can have other family members come over and assist them in getting things ready to sell or get rid of. Another important aspect that is often overlooked is maintaining the refrigerator. It is important to clean the coils under the fridge to remove any dust that has built up as well as to defrost the freezer and get it cleaned out and ready for warm weather foods like ice cream. When it comes to other appliances around the house, seniors should make sure that their heating system is off and that their air conditioning unit is still functioning before the summer heat hits. It is also a good idea to check your hot water heater, or have a professional come and do it, so that the sediment that has built up during the winter can be drained from it.

Outside The House

Keeping up the outside of the house is also very important, but it can often be too difficult for seniors to do on their own. For instance, winter can cause damage to the roof of your house, but seniors should not attempt to check for damage on their own. Seniors should hire someone or ask a family member to come and check their roof for winter damage, especially if they live in a colder area that gets a lot of snow. Winter winds and snowfall can cause the roof to leak or lose shingles, so it is important to have this fixed as soon as possible before the damage becomes extensive and dangerous. Wooden decks and patios often need to be cleaned as well because they can build up mildew over time. Cleaning the deck or patio with bleach and water is a great way to get it ready for spring and summer use.

Outdoor Cleaning

Seniors who like to have their families over in the spring and summer should also make sure that their outdoor furniture is clean and ready to be used. Most people do not use their outdoor furniture a lot during the winter so it can get a bit dirty from having leaves or snow fall on it, cleaning it with dish soap and a scrub brush will have it ready for use in no time. Seniors should also hire someone to come in and remove any dead foliage that accumulated in their yard during fall and winter because this can cause new plants to decay or become diseased. Those who like to grill should make sure that their grill is clean enough to cook on if it has been out of use for the winter.

The last thing to keep in mind is that seniors should always ask for help if they do not think they are able to do the task on their own. It is a good idea to ask for help with any tasks that require climbing or heavy lifting as these tasks can cause seniors to injure themselves. Organizing a cleaning day with family members is the best way to make sure that you have enough help and will not get hurt in any way. Following these tips will ensure a clean and healthy home for the spring.

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