Homemade Gift Ideas for Elderly Loved Ones

Seniors can be hard to shop for as many seniors already have everything they want for their home or have to give up some of their belongings to move to an assisted living facility.  Even if your elderly loved ones seem to have everything, they will probably appreciate a thoughtful homemade gift.  Some people decide against homemade gifts because they think that making something on their own will be too difficult, but that is not always true.  We at Carefect Home Care Services understand that everyone has different skills and would like to offer some homemade gift ideas that will fit any skill set and budget.

Special Dish or Meal

The first homemade gift idea is one that is always popular for people of any age.  Food makes a great gift idea because lots of people love to eat and providing food as a gift gives them the opportunity to enjoy something delicious without having to make it themselves.  Food also makes a great gift because there are so many different ways to make a special homemade gift out of food.  Many people like to make dessert items such as pies, cakes or cookies and these are great options but there are also plenty of other options that are available for those with less of a sweet tooth.  Casseroles make a great gift idea because they give the recipient the opportunity to enjoy a home cooked meal without having to cook.  Mixes are another great idea because they allow the recipient to enjoy a delicious recipe but they can also add or take out ingredients based on their preferences and they do not have to make it right away if they do not want to.  Mixes can be put into a decorative bag or glass or plastic jar and finished off with a nice bow or ribbon to make a unique and thoughtful gift that seniors can enjoy.


Another great homemade gift idea for seniors is a scrapbook. Seniors might not get to see their loved ones as often as they would like if they have family members that live far away, so a scrapbook gives them the opportunity to relive old memories of their loved ones.  A scrapbook can also be very helpful for seniors that have Alzheimer’s disease so family caregivers can tailor their scrapbook to their loved one by adding captions with names and dates to help their loved ones remember fond memories.  Scrapbooks do not have to be extremely fancy or artistic to look nice so family members can help out with a scrapbook regardless of their artistic skill level.  Scrapbooks can be made very easily and only require a book, pictures, glue or tape, decorative paper and maybe a few stickers.  Family members can work on the scrapbook together to create pages with their personal touch that their elderly loved ones will enjoy.  Photo frames are a simpler option for those that do not have enough pictures available or enough extra time to make a scrapbook.  Family members can find a frame that they like and choose their favorite picture with their elderly loved one.

Decorative Items

Decorative items can also be very easy to make and family members can choose things that suit their skill level.  Wreaths are a great option because they can be made with a variety of materials and can be used for multiple occasions.  Family members can get ideas online and visit a local craft store for materials.  Many people love wreaths made of real plants but fake materials can also be a good choice because they last longer.  Wreaths can be customized for a special occasion or created to serve as an everyday decoration.  Those with young children can also have their children help with a gift.  Many seniors enjoy items made by their grandchildren such as a drawing that can be framed or a hand print set in clay.  These types of homemade items are great because seniors can keep them as their grandchildren age and have something to look back at when their grandchildren are grown up. 

Family members and caregivers should keep in mind that seniors have different interests and might enjoy a homemade gift more than anything else.  Today’s world is focused on technology, but seniors grew up before the technology age so they might not enjoy the latest tablet or smartphone as much as a younger person would.  Many seniors enjoy homemade items because they appreciate the fact that their loved ones took the time to make something for them so family members and caregivers should keep that in mind when trying to decide what to give their elderly loved ones.

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