Emergency Room Kit for Seniors

Going to the emergency room is never fun, especially for the elderly. If your elderly loved one seems to spend more time in the hospital than out of the hospital, then they have probably developed a huge distaste for the hospital and the emergency room. To help your loved one get through the  emergency room visits easier, you can put together a kit of pertinent items that allow them to breeze through check in and meet with the doctor in no time. The quicker they are seen, the quicker they...

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How to Make a Hospital Stay Easier for Loved One with Dementia

Hospital stays are never fun, but they can be especially scary for an elderly loved one who suffers from dementia. Going to the hospital could even prove to be dangerous for a person who has dementia. Evidence has shown that people who suffer from dementia are at a greater risk from having adverse issues and outcomes occur following a hospital visit than people in the general population. Even a brief stay has been shown to exacerbate a senior’s dementia and make them more prone to consequences that come with dementia...

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Hospital Emergencies: Tips for Family Caregivers

Medical emergencies happen to people of all ages but they can often be more frequent in the elderly as seniors are often more prone to accidents and illness. Family caregivers should know how to handle hospitalizations of their loved ones so that they will be prepared if an emergency occurs. The first thing that family caregivers should do is be prepared for an emergency before one occurs. Many people, family caregivers included, do not think to prepare for an emergency until one happens. When an emergency strikes family caregivers should...

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