The Benefits of Nordic Pole Walking for Seniors

While it may seem unique to us to watch a group of seniors walking down the street with poles, it is actually a well-known exercise activity called Nordic walking. Nordic walking is popular in Scandinavian and European countries and is becoming more popular in North America. Nordic walking is especially popular among seniors due to its health benefits and ease of access. Nordic walking is an activity that uses poles, similar to cross country skiing poles, and was developed in Finland. It was originally an off season program for body...

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Choosing the Right Walking Stick or Cane for the Elderly

As you age, you may notice that your stability is beginning to waver. If you have had a few balance scares while walking, then it may be time to get a walking stick or a cane. While they are not always the most aesthetically pleasing accessories, they can help keep you safe and healthy as you walk. Walking Sticks or Canes are one easy way to support yourself while you walk. You may need to use them on rough terrain or on an everyday basis. If you are starting to...

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