Elder Care: Relocation Stress Syndrome

Moving can be one of the most stressful times in a person's life. Moving can be physically and mentally challenging because of the relocation of all of your personal belongings as well as all of the decisions that need to be made during the moving process. However, it can also be emotionally challenging because moving often brings a sense of loss and trepidation. When we leave our comfortable environment we lose community connections as well, such as close neighbors and local friends. As humans, the community is everything and when...

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Common Signs Indicating That Being a Caregiver is Not Right for You

Being a caregiver is not the right job for everyone. Each person in this world has their own unique talents and flaws. Some people may have talents that are more suited to the field of caregiving, while others may be better working in an entirely different field. However, being a caregiver often comes abruptly. Family members may get sick or become injured and suddenly need a caregiver. If this happens, then it may fall on you to become their primary caregiver. But, just because you suddenly get swept up into...

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