How to Help an Elderly Loved One Downsize

Downsizing is never fun, and helping your elderly loved one downsize may even become more stressful than downsizing yourself. If your elderly loved one is looking to downsize in order to save money, save energy, or simply to declutter then they will probably need your help. Talking about downsizing and actually downsizing are two totally different situations. If your loved one has spoken about downsizing for years but has not done much to back up their words, then here are a few tips to help them declutter their homes and...

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Assisted Living/Retirement Homes versus In-Home Care

Aging is hard for both the aging individual, as well as their families. There often comes a point where a senior can no longer manage the basic activities of daily life without assistance, whether due to the physical symptoms of aging, or as a result of some sort of illness – like Alzheimer's. When faced with the realization that your friend or family member may no longer be able to care for themselves, there are a number of options that you can consider in terms of their care. Seniors with...

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Making a Decision: Retirement Home or Home Care Services

The front page of Toronto Star’s Saturday edition had a full page article about Dan Heap, the former Spadina MP who has Alzheimer. Mr. Heap was 5 years in a waiting list for a nursing home while living in a retirement home since 2009 paying $10,000 (!) a month for lodging and care for him and his wife. (For the full article, Click Here) In the article, Mr. Heap’s son (Danny) wonders if the family should have paid to build a ramp in Mr. and Mrs. Heap’s apartment and should have...

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