Weight Loss: Diet and Lifestyle

Weight loss is more complex than simple dieting, as it requires a holistic approach to your overall health. However, your diet habits and nutrition do impact your weight, energy level, and sleep quality. Therefore, the way you eat and fuel your body allows you to boost your metabolism, nourish your body and foster a healthy weight. Healthy habits affect the way your body metabolizes food and allows it to nourish your body more effectively. To support your body’s metabolism, there are some habits that you can implement into your daily...

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Weight Loss: Strategies and Scams

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. From keto to counting calories, there have been countless diets and lifestyles that try and sell us the notion that weight and health are a one-size-fits-all program. Even scientific theories based on the most recent evidence are not able to account for each person’s specific genetics and abilities. While you need to be listening to scientific evidence, you must also account for your circumstances and what works for you. Weight loss has seen some interesting and dangerous...

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