Tips on How to Buy the Right Adult Diaper

Many people may find themselves checking the adult diaper section of the drug store as they get older. Whether they are buying them for themselves, or making a trip for an elderly loved one, buying adult diapers can be confusing. Incontinence problems can happen to anyone of any age. However, incontinence is more common among the elderly population. If you are suddenly faced with the need of buying a bag of adult diapers for yourself or your elderly loved one, then you may need to do a bit of research first. The different styles, colors, prices and more are enough to make you want to stand in the adult diaper section at the drug store for hours. But, instead of reading every package in the drug store, keep reading to find out a few tips on how to choose the right adult diaper and be happy with your decision.

Cloth or Disposable

The first thing you must ask yourself when buying an adult diaper is whether you wish to use cloth diapers or disposable diapers. Cloth diapers may be more environmentally friendly and will not cause so much trash to buildup in your home. However, disposable diapers are the most popular choice and may be the most convenient choice. Almost everyone goes with disposable, and they are actually recommended for people who are prone to skin issues. Cloth diapers may actually worsen skin deterioration, so if you are buying the adult diapers for your loved one who is bed-bound, then disposable are the best option.

Adult Diaper or Pull-Up

Next, you must decide which style of adult diaper you wish to have. You can choose from the underwear style, often referred to as the pull-up, or you can choose from the diaper style, which are also known as adult briefs. Adult pull-ups are designed to be stepped into like a pair of underwear and are best for more active adults. The diaper style are best for adults who are homebound and are not able to move around much on their own. Pull-ups are often more convenient for people who are taking care of their own restroom needs, because they will not have to lie down to put them on. Pull-ups can be taken with you in a bag or a purse wherever you go and can be put on in a public restroom if necessary. The diaper style requires that you lie down when putting them on or taking them off, so they are often not convenient for travel if you are more active. However, the diaper style is for people who have lost much of their mobility and who need caregivers to change them.


You also should look at how absorbent the diaper needs to be. This will vary from person to person, so you must take into consideration how large the person is, how much they eat or drink, and is the person wearing the adult diaper diabetic. After thinking about all of these considerations, choose the adult diaper that is more absorbent for people who drink often, are bigger in size and who are diabetic. Less absorbent styles can be chosen for smaller people who do not eat or drink much and who are not diabetic. The absorbency may be a trial and error choice that you may need to change later.

Price and Quality

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of adult diapers to choose from on the market today. With a little research work and trial and error, you can find a quality adult diaper at a bargain. There are numerous competitively priced adult briefs that are as good, if not better, than well-known brands. Do your research when you can and be sure to read reviews online about each brand before buying. When you do find one that you love, you can buy them by the case for even more savings.

Cloth vs. Plastic Backing

Another choice to make is whether you wish to have a cloth or plastic backing. Most diapers are now made with a cloth backing that is breathable. Most people prefer cloth because they are breathable and they are better for the skin. However, some people who have experience with adult diapers do prefer plastic backing. This choice is a personal choice that may need to be made with trial and error if you or your loved one has never wore an adult diaper before.


Fit is a huge consideration to take into account when looking for an adult diaper for you or a loved one. Your body shape, size and the type of incontinence you experience may play a huge role in choosing the right adult diaper for you. Never go to the store and buy a brand of adult diapers in a wrong size, thinking that it will work. If an adult diaper does not fit you snugly, then the risk for having an accident is raised dramatically. It is essential that you find the right size for your body type and always stick with the size.

With these tips, you can go to the drug store and find the right adult diaper for you or someone you love. Buying adult diapers does not have to be a big deal. Do your research and make a short list in your head of the choices and styles you think will fit you or your loved one best. Then, go to the store armed with your research and find the one that you feel fits your or your loved one’s criteria the best. If you are not happy with the brand that you choose, then the next time, choose a different brand. After a few trips to the store you will be able to find the right brand and style for you so that you can feel comfortable and dry throughout all of your daily activities. With the right brand, you can go about your day without any worries of leaks and can finally begin to enjoy your life again.