The Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

As seniors age, they often begin to slow down in pretty much every way. However, just because one begins to age doesn’t mean that life has to stop. There are things that we can do with the seniors in our life that will help make them healthier, happier, and more resistant to the problems of aging. Exercise is important for everyone, not just seniors, but most seniors do not get enough, if any exercise. The body is, to an extent, a “use it or lose it” organism. If you fail to work your muscles regularly, they begin to atrophy or deteriorate. This means that not only is muscle mass and strength lost, but one is more prone to injury. Exercise is good for both the mind and body, and there are a great many exercises that are perfect for seniors.

Even seniors with limited mobility can take part in exercise. From walking to yoga, to alternative exercises meant for those with bigger mobility issues, are becoming more and more popular. And with good reason too. Exercise has been shown to provide great benefits to seniors.


Physical activity is not something that, as we age, we no longer need to partake in. Moderate exercise helps keep one fit and in shape and can help to fight obesity. In seniors, obesity can cause a great many health problems and making the general aches and pains associated with aging even harder to handle. Exercise also gets your heart pumping and muscles working. They can help to strengthen the body, build endurance, and also help to reduce the risk of injury. A healthy body is better able to handle the aging process with grace.

Exercise can also help to reduce those general aches and pains associated with aging and can be a great way to help improve muscle, tendon and joint problems. Low impact activities such as Yoga or Pilates are excellent forms of exercise for older individuals as it does not require a vast amount of strength, but works the entire body. There are also modifications that can be made to most Yoga and Pilates routines that are designed for those with physical limitations. These modifications allow for seniors to be able to work their way through the routines. In fact, younger people who have suffered injuries are often told to participate in exercises like Yoga and Pilates, as these have been shown to help the rehabilitation process.


Exercise has also been shown to be good for the mind as well. They say that a healthy body is part and parcel to a healthy mind and research shows that this old adage just might be right. Seniors who get regular exercise are less likely to suffer from depression or anxiety than counterparts who never get out and get active. Physical activities that take us outdoors are also great for our psychological health and wellbeing as it is good to breathe fresh air and see the great outdoors. Even for seniors with limited mobility, finding an activity that allows one to get outside does great things for the psyche.

Exercise is also a great form of stress relief and many feel is a good time for reflection. Those who exercise regularly report lower incidences of feelings of anger and stress. Being fit, in both mind and body, really helps make stress much easier to deal with.

At Carefect Homecare Services, we strive to provide a diverse array of care options to meet the wide and varied needs of today’s seniors. We understand that the needs of each senior are a bit different, and that any care plan needs to take this into account. We understand the importance of a healthy mind and body and encourage seniors and those who care for them to take the time to get into an exercise regimen. Studies, and just plain practice, have shown just how beneficial exercise can be for the mind and the body, and for seniors, it can help to make the aging process a bit easier.

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