Fun Activities, At Home, for Seniors

Aging can cause a wide range of physical limitations and there are many who find themselves homebound. This can be very depressing for a once active senior and it is important for both their mental and physical health that they stay active and find ways to enjoy themselves, even if they cannot leave their home. As caregivers who provide homecare services for seniors, there are a number of great activities that one can participate in inside the home that will allow the seniors to enjoy themselves and create an outlet for themselves, despite their physical limitations.

Many of the activities you can choose from will depend on what the senior in question enjoys. Get a good idea of your client’s likes and dislikes and come up with a number of different activities that they can participate in alone, and that you can participate in together, that will keep them busy in a constructive way. You are likely to find that you have a better time with your clients and that their quality of life will be improved through the development of in-home hobbies and activities for seniors. Activities that can be facilitated without leaving the home will help the senior to forget about their homebound status and enjoy their golden years just a little more.

  • Introduce New Technologies: Many seniors are afraid of technology, but it has the ability to provide them with entertainment, and the ability to communicate with others, without ever having to leave the home. Choose a very simple gadget that has access to the internet that allows the senior to participate in online forums for those with similar interests, communicate with their family members and more. Video game systems such as the Wii have become very popular with seniors due to the ease of use and variety of games that are easy to learn.
  • Card Games or Board Games: Playing games is something that many seniors enjoy. Whether you have a few neighborhood friends come over weekly for a card game session or you play board games with your family members, this is a great way to get the senior to have some fun, spend some quality time with people and forget about their lack of mobility. Games like these are also great for keeping brain functioning at a high level and can even help improve memory and concentration.
  • Encourage Crafts and Hobbies: Encouraging seniors to take up a new hobby is a great way for seniors to enjoy themselves, even if bound to their homes. Knitting, gardening, scrapbooking, sewing and cooking are just a number of ideas that seniors may be able to participate in, depending on their level of mobility. These activities allow the senior to learn new skills and produce something tangible which improves psychological wellbeing.
  • Set Up Animal Visits: Age often means the loss of those around us, people we love and came to rely on. Pets are a great way to lift seniors’ spirit just by spending a few hours enjoying their company. There are many organizations that have services for in-home animal visits, providing seniors with weekly visits from local animals who are well tempered and trained to spend time with older individuals. Seniors tend to get a lot of joy out of this activity and it can be the highlight of their week.
  • Bring Out Their Favorite Tunes: Many seniors begin to feel lost in the changing of the times. The things they enjoyed when they were younger – entertainment, music, books – are all distant memories, but they don’t have to be. Find out the senior’s favorite songs or musicians and secure some of their music. Hold dancing and singing sessions, or simply sit with the senior and enjoy their history, memories and music. Music has the ability to bring about emotions that no other medium seems to have. Being able to hear the music of a younger time is often very soothing for seniors.

Carefect Homecare Services is more than just an in-home senior care service company. We are a company staffed by compassionate and caring individuals who wish to provide not only the best care possible, but to improve the lives of the seniors in their care. Our staff goes above and beyond traditional health care services, providing companionship and activities that keep a senior happy, as well as cared for.