What Your Skin Can Tell You about Your Health

Your skin is your largest organ, and because of this, your skin can really tell you a lot about your health. Your skin protects you against bacteria, regulates your body temperature, and has numerous pain, pressure, and temperature receptors that keep your whole body protected. It is no surprise that when something is wrong with your body on the inside, your skin can send you many warning signs. Here are a few things that your skin may be telling you about your health. If you notice any of these symptoms,...

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Common Skin Problems in the Elderly

Skin problems can be common for people of all ages, but they are often more common in the elderly. Some of these common skin problems are just a part of aging, but many of them can be treated or prevented. We at Carefect Home Care Services understand the importance of having healthy skin and would like to offer some tips on how to recognize, prevent and manage skin problems. Wrinkles and Facial Movement Lines Wrinkles and facial movement lines are the most common skin problems found in the elderly. Wrinkles...

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