How to Talk to Your Elderly Loved One about Incontinence

If your elderly loved one suffers from incontinence, then it may be impossible to ignore. The odor, the mess and the cleanup can all be glaringly obvious signs that something is wrong. Ironically, the subject seems to be one that is often ignored in households. Many children of elderly parents do not want to bring up the subject because they do not want to embarrass their parents. Talking to an elderly loved one about their incontinence issues could be embarrassing for them and for you. It is also an awkward...

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Dietary Habits that Trigger Elderly Urinary Incontinence

Urinary Incontinence is a medical issue that affects many men and women each year. Anyone, of any age, can suffer from the issue, but elderly men and women are more prone to the issue. Urinary Incontinence is highly common in the elderly, and can lead to other medical issues. Patients with the issue need to go to the restroom frequently, which increases their mobility. In turn, elderly patients with urinary incontinence have higher fall rates and higher rates of broken bones. Urinary incontinence can be due to underlying medical issues,...

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