Hallucinations in the Elderly (Causes, Symptoms and Treatment)

Hallucinations are any type of feeling or perception of something occurring when it actually is not present. When most people think of hallucinations they think of either tactile or visual hallucinations, but there are actually five types that each correlate with one of your senses. Our first part of this series covered the five types of hallucinations and discussed briefly what the main cause of each type was. In this article, we are going to discuss the common causes, symptoms, and treatment of hallucinations. Common Causes Hallucinations can have many...

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Types of Hallucinations in the Elderly

Hallucinations are sensations, thoughts or perceptions that feel completely real, yet are created entirely by your own mind. Hallucinations can be very scary, and very hard to diagnose. Unfortunately, they are very common in the elderly population, which often leads to the elderly feeling confused. Hallucinations can affect any of your five senses, one at a time, or all at once. For this reason, they can be very disorienting. However, if an elderly person lives alone and is having hallucinations, then it may take months or even years to catch....

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