There is a lot of information online about home care, caregiving, seniors, the elderly, baby boomers and aging that it is almost doesn’t make sense to open another blog.

So… why are we still doing it?

After close to a year of research and deliberations, we believe that a blog of our own will allow us to address what we feel is missing from other blogs:

Comprehensive View –Online blogs usually have a common “theme” in their posted articles. That theme is usually the publisher’s specific type of services or expertise (e.g. home care services, Dementia and Alzheimer, Caregivers). Understanding that Home Care is not just about providing direct care, our goal is to offer information on all the aspects and issues that relates to Home Care.

Expand On New Information – Findings from a new research or study are published daily, seniors and healthcare became an integral part of any political agenda while personal stories and opinions are published in the media on a regular basis. Each new item will have an impact on home care – some directly (e.g. new tax benefits, tips and alerts) or indirectly (e.g. preventive tips, breakthrough in research). You will usually find these items in our twitter feed (and we strongly encourage you to follow us by clicking the button located on the top of this page). However, we often feel that additional relevant nformation could be shared to further educate on each one of these items.

Providing Answers – Most of the information that is available online is straight forward data or guidelines that do not provide answers to specific situations. As Home Care needs and requirements are often unique, after the initial information gathering people still have questions that are left unanswered. We will try to address and answer some of those here.

Our Experience – We find that our staff’s growing knowledge and experience allows us to provide a better service to our customers. We pro-actively share that knowledge with our clients and caregivers to maximize our service’s efficiency.

We hope that this blog will be used as a new information resource for people that are involved in any aspect of the Home Care field whether they are family caregivers, personal support workers or other home care services professionals.

Make sure to bookmark this blog and check back often for new posts.