Activities for Visually Impaired/Blind Senior Citizen

Many people have to change their lifestyle as they age and begin to look for activities that senior citizens can engage in. It can often be tough to adjust to new activities, and it can be even harder trying to find new activities to engage in as a visually impaired or blind senior citizen. We at Carefect Home Care Services understand the difficulties that must be taken into consideration for visually impaired or blind senior citizens when they are looking for new activities to participate in, and would like to offer a list of safe and fun options.

News and Debates

Seniors who enjoy listening to the news or debating current events will find that this can easily be done even with visual impairment. Many seniors enjoy listening to the news in their spare time and can enjoy having some friends over to discuss what they have heard on the news. This is a great way for seniors to engage in activities with other seniors as well as allowing them to keep up with what is going on in the world around them. Many seniors often enjoy hosting a book club and discussing books instead of the news. Seniors who are blind can enjoy audio books or braille books, and those with visual impairment can look for large print books or opt for the audio books as well. With today’s new technology there are more and more books that are available as audio books, so seniors can enjoy a large selection of books for their book club.


If games are more your speed, there are many games out there that have been adapted for those who are blind or visually impaired. Specialized senior stores offer large print playing cards and bingo cards, large print Sudoku and crossword puzzle books, and even special jigsaw puzzles that are larger and easier for seniors to hold if they suffer from arthritis. Using these adapted games, seniors can host their own game night with friends or spend some time solving a Sudoku or crossword puzzle. Blind seniors who have access to the internet can enjoy free games from blind gamers online. There are several popular games available on blind gamers such as Sudoku, solitaire, Uno, chess, and Boggle. There are many other websites like this that offer games adapted for blind or visually impaired seniors.

Arts and Crafts

Visually impaired seniors often enjoy arts and crafts as it can be easily adapted to accommodate their visual impairment. Seniors who are visually impaired can still enjoy painting or working with clay, or even knitting or crocheting with the right tools. Arts and crafts are a great hobby for those who are visually impaired since they can be fun for everyone, no matter what their skill level is. Many seniors enjoy knitting or crocheting as a past time and like to make things for their children or grandchildren to wear. Visually impaired seniors can purchase thicker yarn and larger knitting needles or crocheting hooks to make it easier for them to see what they are working with. Knitting and crocheting are a great way for seniors to pass the time and enjoy making something that their loved ones can enjoy.

Attending Events

Another option that many seniors enjoy is attending events that are based on listening to things. This can include discussions, lectures, or even concerts, and with the right assistance and companion, these types of events can be quite enjoyable for visually impaired and blind seniors. Seniors who enjoy talking to others can look for senior center discussion events to go to and discuss a specific topic with other seniors. Those who are interested in history or academics might enjoy listening to scholars or researchers discuss certain historical events or places. Lectures are usually held at universities, but many community centers will invite speakers to come on occasion, and these events are often free or at low cost. Another great option is concerts. It is always easy to find concerts close by with today’s popular musicians, with that said; seniors might enjoy looking for more classical concerts or orchestras in their area. Local coffee shops often have jazz musicians play, so this is a free option (aside from any coffee they purchase) for seniors interested in jazz music.

We at Carefect Home Care Services offer a variety of companionship services that those who are visually impaired can enjoy. Some of our services include reading and conversation, letter writing, helping with crafts or photo albums, attending club meetings and concerts, and playing games. With the assistance of our caregivers and the right accommodation, visually impaired and blind seniors can enjoy all of these activities. Family caregivers who are looking for activities for their loved ones to engage in can try assisting them with some of the activities listed above and find some activities that are suited for their loved one.

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