Winter Safety Tips for seniors

Winter can be very a challenging time for the seniors and the elderly as they are more prone to an attack or exacerbation of diseases such as bronchitis, angina, heart diseases, allergies and various skin infections. With advancing of age, the body’s immunity system effectiveness declines, making it more prone to an attack of viruses and disease. Although many senior citizens travel to warmer areas or countries, many cannot and they need to deal with the snow storms, the frost and the extremes of low temperature at their main place of residence.

During the winter, the seniors and elderly should not become overconfident and take some steps to make them comfortable and safe during the season. Here are some safety tips for your consideration In order to deal with the winter conditions:

  • Clothing – If you need to go outdoors, always wear an extra layer of warm clothing, gloves, coat, socks and shoes. If your skin do start to get red, dark or begins to ache, return indoors immediately. It could be a sign of blister or frostbite (a condition where the person’s skin is severely damaged on exposure to extreme cold). When the skin is affected, the damage could extend all the way down to the bone. When this happens it can lead to grave consequences like loss of limbs. The parts of the body that are most affected by frostbite are the cheeks, nose, ears, fingers and toes.
  • Snow Removal – As seniors are physically unable to remove snow from the driveways and do other outdoor work they are often injured while attempting to handle these daily chores themselves. It would be ideal to hire professional help taking care for the property than risking injury.
  • Wet Floor – Remove your shoes immediately after returning home from a wet or snowy outdoors. When the snow melts inside a warm home, it leaves puddles of water at various places making the home slippery. Seniors often succumb to fall related injuries due to a slippery floor.
  • Walking – In case of elderly people who walk with a cane, adding a metal grip at the bottom of the cane adds to its stability and prevents it from slipping on patches of snow, therefore making it suitable and safe for the seniors.
  • Exercise – Exercise is quite important for the elderly and seniors as it helps to retain the flexibility and strength of the muscles. Yoga and exercise helps to maintain the balance and coordination of the body thereby reducing the risk of injury.
  • Hypothermia – hypothermia is a condition when the body temperature of a person becomes abnormally low and can be fatal. Consult a doctor if you develop symptoms of hypothermia like excessive shivering, feeling of drowsiness, confusion, loss of energy, feeling cold, pale skin coloring, slow breathing rate and reduced heart rate. Please seek immediate medical help if you develop such symptoms.

During winter, seniors often require additional help and are more dependent on others to avoid injury. For that reason, homecare services are of prime importance and often play a significant role in keeping the seniors safe and healthy. Homecare companies like Carefect are known for their excellent and cost effective care services that will allow the family members ease of mind. The goal of Carefect homecare services is to ensure the safety and comfort of the seniors while remaining at their own homes during winter. If you are searching for a trustworthy and reliable homecare services provider – Carefect is the perfect choice for you and your loved ones.