Valentine’s Day Gifts for Seniors

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. Whether you wish to celebrate your love with your spouse, your children, or your elderly loved ones, Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for this. Love is a beautiful human emotion that allows people to make connections with one another and draw support from each other. By giving your loved ones Valentine’s Day presents, you can show them how much you care about them and how much you love them. But, you may be at a loss for what to buy your elderly loved ones. If this is true, then keep reading to learn a few gift ideas that your elderly loved ones will absolutely adore.


Memory Lane

If your loved one recently lost a spouse, then for Valentine’s Day they may like to take a trip down memory lane. Spend a day with your loved one watching vintage movies and looking at old photos. You can also prepare a few tasty treats to snack on during the movies such as chocolate covered strawberries, popcorn balls, or brownies. Invite some of your loved one’s friends and other family members in order to have a Valentine’s Day celebration and get your loved one’s mind off of their spouse’s passing.


Photos are a great gift for Valentine’s Day. Give your loved one a framed family photo for Valentine’s Day or make them a scrapbook or a photo book with family photos. They will cherish the photos and will love having them in their home so that they can look at the photos frequently. If you like the idea of giving them photos, you can also teach your loved one to take their own selfies. Encourage them to be a bit goofy and pose with their other family members and friends. After they have taken a few selfies, get your family members to take some as well and then print them all out and send them to your loved one as a Valentine’s Day gift.


If your loved one is a fan of parties, then invite a bunch of family members and friends over to your home for a lovely Valentine’s Day party. Set up a few fancy tables in your home and make fun treats that your loved one adores. Then, add some dance music and watch as your loved ones dance the night away.

Love Coupon Book

Give a love coupon to your elderly loved one as a gift. Cut out some red, pink and white papers to be the same size, then staple the papers together to form a small book. Write on each paper to make quite a few coupons for your loved one. The coupons can be based on things that your loved one enjoys. Examples of great coupons include coupons for hugs, coupons for yard work, coupons for house work, coupons for errands and coupons for visits. To make the coupons easy to tear out, run the coupon book’s binding under a sewing machine that does not have any thread in it. The needle will create small pricks in the paper and make it easier for your loved one to tear the papers out of the coupon book.

Special Outings

To make your loved one’s Valentine’s Day memorable, take them on a special outing. You can take your loved one out to lunch, take them to get a manicure, or take them to a movie. Plan an outing that is based on their interests so that they will have fun during the day.

Prepare Special Treats

If your loved one is a big fan of certain treats such as brownies, donuts or cookies, make or buy a few to surprise them on Valentine’s Day. Bakeries always have Valentine’s Day specials that you can buy and make your loved one’s day. Prepare or buy special treats for them and they will have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.


If your elderly loved one has family members that live far away, prepare a Skype or a Face Time call between them and your elderly loved one. Skype and Face Time both allow your loved one to see their relatives and talk with them. Seeing their loved ones on Valentine’s Day can really make their Valentine’s Day special. Set up a time to Skype or Face Time with their loved ones and surprise them with the call. They will adore this gift, especially if they have relatives or friends who live very far away.


If you cannot think of anything to give your loved one, or simply live too far away to give them a special treat or take them on a special outing, then a simple card may suffice. Find a card that is perfect for them at your local card store, then sit down and write them a nice, heartfelt note that tells them just how much you care about them and love them. They will absolutely adore getting a card from you that tells them how much you care. Send them a nice bouquet of flowers or a fruit basket with the card to add a little something special to their gift. They will enjoy the flowers or the fruit basket, and absolutely love the nice, heartfelt note from you.

 Valentine’s Day can be bittersweet for your elderly loved ones, especially if they have lost their spouse or their loved one. Valentine’s Day is designed with lovers in mind, but it has evolved into a holiday in which love itself is celebrated. To show your elderly loved ones how much you love them and care for them, these gift ideas are perfect. Plus, they can help ease your loved one’s pain and grief during Valentine’s Day if they recently lose their spouse. The gifts that you give your elderly loved ones do not have to be extravagant or even materialistic gifts. Instead, focus on giving your elderly loved ones gifts that they will enjoy such as outings, special treats and fun trips down memory lane.

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