Tips on How to Care For a Bedridden Senior

Caring for bedridden seniors can be a challenge for many families; nevertheless there are people everywhere who take on the challenge to avoid having to put their loved one in a nursing home. We at Carefect Home care Services understand that having to put a family member in a nursing home can be very tough, and would like to provide tips on how you can take care of your loved ones at home. Taking care of bedridden seniors can be difficult and can require a lot of around the clock care, family members should make sure that they have an idea of what to expect while taking care of their loved one. The first thing that you should do is set up a room that has everything that your loved one will need in it. You should choose a room that is well ventilated and that will not get too hot or cold like an attic or basement room would. You should also be sure to keep mobility in mind when choosing a room for your loved one. If your loved one can only move in a wheelchair, you should try to choose a room that is on the first floor of your home so that you will not have to deal with getting a wheelchair up and down stairs. Bedridden seniors will need something to do during the day, so you should try to provide a television with a remote or books and newspapers for your loved one to read. Ensuring that your loved one has activities to do will help keep them happy in their new living area. If your loved one needs any type of special accommodations, be sure to check with a medical supply store before you move them in so that their room will be completely designed to suit their needs.

After the room is set up, you will need to be sure that you are providing enough help for your loved ones with daily activities. This can often include bathing, helping them use the bathroom, or making sure they are taking their medication. You should try to check in on your loved ones on a regular basis and provide them with some way to get your attention in case of an emergency. If your loved ones have to take medication, you should make sure that they are actually taking the medicine and taking it at the right times. Many elderly patients have problems remembering to take their medications regularly, so this is very important for family caregivers to keep an eye on. If your loved ones need to take their medications with food, try to set up a meal schedule that works with their medication schedule. If your loved ones need help with bathing or using the restroom, you can check a medical supply store or other store for safety equipment. Handles or grip bars can be placed in the tub to assist your loved ones with getting in and out of the tub without falling or slipping. If they are unable to get in and out of the tub, you can purchase a seat and handles for the shower. This option is often much easier for many elderly patients. If they are completely bedridden and require baths in bed, try to give them a sponge bath at least three times a week so that they will feel clean and comfortable. Keep a bucket of warm soapy water and plenty of wash cloths and towels on hand when giving your loved one a bath in bed. If your loved one is still able to use the toilet but has trouble sitting down, you can try getting a raised toilet seat. This is often very helpful for seniors who have had surgery or been injured. If your loved one cannot get out of bed to use the bathroom, you should provide them with a bedpan and be sure to clean it shortly after they have used it so that they will not feel uncomfortable. It is also important to be sure that toilet paper is easily accessible to them or that you are close by if they need assistance when they are finished using the restroom.

The last thing to keep in mind when taking care of bedridden seniors is bedsores. If family caregivers do not move their loved ones around enough, they can develop very painful sores in multiple areas on their body.  Family caregivers should be sure that they are moving their loved one enough and can encourage them to sit up or help them move around during the day.

Caring for bedridden family members can be difficult at times, especially if you are trying to do it on your own. We at Carefect Home Care Services understand these difficulties and have designed our home care services program to include personal care which provides assistance for family caregivers in many areas. Our personal care services include bathing assistance, personal hygiene, toileting assistance, transfers, walking assistance, incontinence care, assistance with dressing and clothing selection, grooming, exercise, and oral care. Many seniors find it embarrassing to have their children or other family members assist them with certain personal care tasks such as bathing and toileting. If this is the case with your loved one, we will be glad to provide you with assistance. We at Carefect Home Care Services pride ourselves on providing quality personal care while ensuring that our clients maintain their sense of dignity and feel comfortable at all times.

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