The Difference Between Medical and Non-Medical Homecare

When the seniors in your life begin to show signs that they need a bit of extra assistance, as they can no longer handle some of the functions of daily life, many are at a loss as to where to turn. Depending on the needs of the senior in your life, a variety of in-home services could be right for you. There are two main categories of homecare service providers: medical and non-medical. As the name implies, medical homecare service providers can provide more technical, but a less broad range of services. These services can overlap in terms of what they can provide, but depending on your senior’s needs, one may work better than the other.

Each has their own benefits. Obviously, the more intensive or wider ranged services the senior needs, the higher the cost will be. Medical homecare services are usually more expensive, but some of the care options provided may be covered by the senior’s health insurance policy. Non-medical homecare services are generally less expensive and fewer insurance policies cover this type of care. However, any type of live-in care is going to be the most expensive option one can choose, regardless of whether it is a medical or non-medical homecare service provider.

Medical Homecare Services

For seniors who are very sick or need a lot of personalized medical services such as dialysis or other common procedures, medical homecare services are a great option. Many of these services employ registered nurses and other trained professionals that have the skills, knowledge and knowhow to be able to provide more technical and regular, medical-oriented care. For those who are very sick, but who still wish to live in the home, this is likely the best course of action. These services may, but do not always, provide for other services like cleaning, transportation and meal preparation. These services are more suited towards seniors who have extensive medical problems that require regular care that cannot be provided by someone who is not registered as a health professional.

Non-Medical Homecare Services

Non-medical homecare services provide a diverse array of services for seniors. However, they do not provide technical medical care. The range of care options varies, depending on the company you choose. Many of them will provide transportation, to and from doctor’s appointments, or to social engagements, wherever the senior needs to go. Many of them offer cleaning services to help reduce the chore load of the senior. Many also provide meal preparation services. Some will help to make the home as safe as possible for the senior. Some companies offer a live-in option, where a live-in caregiver will provide constant care and companionship for the senior. Many non-medical homecare services offer a wide array of options and can even provide personally tailored services that meet the exact needs of the senior and their lifestyle.

The specifics of what is and is not provided will vary amongst the different companies, even within the two categories. It is advised to contact any potential homecare company and have a thorough conversation and assessment with them, to ensure that they can meet the needs of the senior in your life. You might consider using a combination of both medical and non-medical homecare services, in tandem, to provide the senior with the level of care and companionship that they deserve. Both of these types of homecare services have their advantages, but they also fill in gaps that the other doesn’t cover, making them both important parts of any senior homecare plan. Any place you choose should be researched thoroughly, to ensure that the company has a solid reputation of providing only the best care for seniors that is both time honored and known for quality. You don’t want to choose just anyone to put in charge of the health and wellbeing of the senior in your life.

At Carefect Homecare services, we offer a wide variety of non-medical services for the senior in your life. From tasks such as light housekeeping or meal preparation to full-service care, we are here to help. Contact us today for a free in-home assessment. This will allow us to look at the senior’s home for safety issues, confer with you and the senior, and come up with a personally tailored care plan that provides for your senior’s specific needs. We understand that every senior is different, and the level of care they need is different as well, and as a result, we strive to provide the most personalized care possible.