Sundown Syndrome – Coping Strategies

As sunset looms over the horizon, elders with dementia may be affected by this shift in their environment. The early evening can be a challenging time for people with Alzheimer’s Disease as they may experience sundown syndrome. Sundowning can manifest as confusion, agitation, and restlessness which worsens as daylight begins to fade. This can be difficult because if sundowning affects your elder’s ability to sleep well, then it will subsequently affect their functioning the next day. Sundown Syndrome manifests during sunset and being tired or worn out can increase restlessness....

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Tips on How to Care for an Elderly Person with Sundowner’s Syndrome

Sundowner’s syndrome is very common in seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia; unfortunately experts are not sure what are the causes and it can be very frustrating for family members and caregivers to deal with. Knowing what to expect and how to try to treat the symptoms is the best way to help care for seniors with Sundowner’s syndrome. In this article we would like to offer some tips on how to care for an elderly person with Sundowner’s syndrome. Sundowner’s syndrome gets its name from the fact that symptoms...

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