Tips on How to Care for an Elderly Loved One Overnight

You hear your father call out from the other room and you get up for the third time tonight to go to his room to help him get up to use the washroom. You blearily look at the clock and wonder if you should try and go back to bed for a few hours of sleep or get up to get an early start to the day before you have to leave for work. You take a deep breath to find your patience and peace while you help your father...

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Signs That Your Elderly Loved One May Need Overnight Care

Seniors have lived a long and full life and may take pride in their independence, especially if they are still living in their own homes. This may seem like an accomplishment to them, and it may be difficult for them to admit they are having trouble with solo living. They may not be upfront with their loved ones about the challenges they are facing as they want to maintain their independence, and they do not want to worry you. There are signs to look for when assessing the degree to...

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Overnight Care for Seniors

There may be a variety of reasons why your elderly loved one may need care during the nighttime. Whether they have health issues, are at risk for falls, or have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia that causes them to grow confused at night, overnight care for seniors may be necessary. Overnight care may be difficult to find, and may be necessary as an addition to their daytime care. If you believe that your elderly loved one may need overnight care, then keep reading to learn how to determine the type of...

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