Caregiver Tips: Hair Care for Seniors

Having clean, freshly cut and freshly styled hair can completely change a person’s energy level, outlook on life and their mood. A hair cut is a way to relax and to feel and look good about yourself. However, as people age, washing and caring for their own hair may become extremely challenging. Seniors, who find it difficult to stand in the shower or to get into and out of a bath tub may find it taxing to wash, dry and style their hair each day. They often need assistance to...

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What Your Hair Can Tell You about Your Health

When it comes to hair, most people only ever think about how they can style it, cut it, and color it. But many experts have said, that our hair can actually tell more about our health than we think. If you follow your hair’s growth patterns and observe it closely, then you may be able to catch major health conditions before they escalate. Keep reading to figure out just what your hair can truly be telling you about your health. Dry, Thin Hair There are a lot of factors that...

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