Bath Water Temperature Safety for the Elderly

Often, when you think of dangers that lurk in homes for seniors, you do not think about bath water temperatures. However, too hot or too cold bath water temperatures can really pose a serious risk for the health of your elderly loved ones. If your elderly loved one has impaired senses or is slow to initiate movement, then finding the ideal bath water temperature for them is crucial to keeping them healthy and happy. If the water is too hot or cold, they may not realize, or they may not...

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Tips on How to Get an Elderly Parent to Bathe or Shower

As people age, they often begin to become reluctant about bathing for many reasons. Some elderly people fear falling in the shower due to poor balance, some are very modest and do not want to have help, some feel discomfort with extreme temperature changes, and some elderly people may even have pain whenever they change positions often. Bathing can be taxing, and if your elderly parent has begun to refuse to bathe for any of the above reasons, or for reasons of their own, then you may be growing a...

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