Home Security Tips for Seniors

Studies have shown that elderly citizens are more likely to suffer from a home invasion and home security threats. Not only are older people more likely to fall for technological scams but they are also more likely to be targeted by them. Thieves and criminals are more likely to target elderly people as they are often more predictable in their routine and responses.  Predictability makes it more likely that criminals will be able to plan their scheme in advance.  As well, elderly people often live alone and are not as able to fight off an intruder.  This means that a criminal may consider targeting the elderly so they can make a clean getaway and escape justice. However, there are some practical steps that elderly citizens can take to protect themselves and their home from criminal invasions.

Burglar-Proofing your Home

Since seniors are more likely to be targeted by criminals, they must be more cautious in how they burglar-proof their homes. Some ideas are as follows:

Lock all Home Entries

Ensure that you keep your doors and any ground-floor window locked at all times.  All windows can be a potential entry for a criminal looking to burglar your home so keep them all locked when not in use, especially if you are not home. However, even if you are home, it is best to keep all ground floor windows locked as you do not want an altercation if someone decides to come in when you are present. Do not hide your key outside, no hiding place is secure enough to protect against thieves. Give your key to a trusted friend or neighbor instead.

 Reinforce your Entry Points

If a senior has been in their home for many years, then the natural wear and tear of old houses will lead to weakened doorways and windows.  You can replace your doors with solid wood or metal which will be harder to penetrate.  As well, you can install heavy-duty glass panels on your windows which will make it harder for them to be broken.

Medical Alert Systems

Some criminals may attempt to rob you while you are in the home by coming to the door pretending to be someone they are not.  If you do not recognize the person at the door, it is better to not open it.  If for some reason you feel that you should open the door to a stranger, make sure you have your mobile phone with 911 ready to dial in case you need to make the call immediately when something happens. If you are concerned about being able to contact the authorities in the midst of an encounter with a criminal, then a medical alert system may be a safer choice.  Medical alert systems often are able to be stimulated by a panic button which will be easier to navigate than a phone.

Door Camera

One of the best deterrent for criminals is photography and video, so having a door camera is a great security device as a criminal does not want their face captured and given to the authorities.

Being proactive is the best way to protect yourself from thieves and home invasions. Installing more secure doors, windows and a door camera are a few tangible ways you can protect your home from those who would target you.  Deterring a potential criminal is better than getting into an altercation with them, so having home cameras is a great way to deter them from choosing your home to steal from.  Be mindful of who you open the door for and ensure that you have either your phone or a medical alert button available to you if you are opening the door to a stranger.


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