Hindsight is 2020: 20 Hopeful Moments this Year

As 2020 draws to a close, and many people breathe a sigh of relief, we may take this time to be reflective. This year has presented many challenges that have been difficult to overcome. However, it has also proved that as a global community we can band together to accomplish great things! Let’s look back on 20 of the best moments humanity had to offer in 2020.

  1. A COVID-19 Vaccine – Through tireless effort and international cooperation, scientists all over the world have, at unprecedented speed, created and started manufacturing a vaccine.
  2. Healthcare Humanity – Healthcare workers are the heroes we needed this year, and they stepped up and delivered under the strain and challenge to keep us safe.
  3. Carbon Dioxide Emissions Depreciated – This decline is in part due to renewable energy sources and the recession of the consumerist business this year.
  4. Dr Anthony Fauci – A compassionate health expert who has helped us navigate the Covid-19 crisis with truth and reassurance.
  5. The Wall of Moms – In a response under the leadership of African-American community activists, The Wall of Moms is an example of the outpouring of support for Black communities and the necessity of safety and compassion in our community.
  6. One World: Together at Home – Celebrities like Canadian Sweetheart Celine Dion, as well as iconic artists such as Lizzo, John Legend, Lady Gaga and more have presented amazing performances online to fundraise to support charities for people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  7. Italian Chorus from their balconies – Italy was hit hard by the pandemic early on, and full quarantine was mandated, but Italians are artists of hope and resilience and combated the virus and loneliness through community song.
  8. When Australia called out – for help during the 2020 wildfires, the world answered – The world rallied across borders sending North American Firefighters, global volunteers and millions in donations to support Australia in their relief efforts.
  9. Women Leadership Excelled – Women in leadership made effective and decisive choices to support their countries during this pandemic. In terms of the list of the world’s most COVID-19 resilient countries, Jacinda Arden, prime minister of New Zealand, Tsai Ing-wen president of Taiwan, Angela Merkel in Germany and Sanna Marin in Finland all made it to the top of the list.
  10. First in ‘Herstory’ – Kamala Harris became the first female, first Black, first South Asian US Vice President-Elect.
  11.  More Cities rethink Cyclists over Cars – Another strong woman in leadership, mayor of Paris, is blazing the path of minimizing cars in cities and focusing on cycling. Barcelona, Melbourne, Detroit, Portland have all followed suit with similar Parisian-style infrastructure plans.
  12. Make the World Green Again – Two million people in India planted 250 million trees in one weekend which is the largest to date and will continue as an annual planting plan that aims to fight deforestation in the subcontinent.
  13. Win for Women – Scotland became the first country in the world to provide free and universal access to period products.
  14. Fish Gotta Swim – The number of large fish in the formerly-overfished Mediterranean and the Black Sea has doubled in the last two years thanks to the 14 nations that own 40% of the world’s coastline that created the world’s biggest ocean sustainability initiative.
  15. Greet Faux Meat – The global meat consumption was down by an estimated 3% for the second consecutive year and companies that specialize in replacing meat are booming in the industry.
  16. The Work-From-Home Revolution – Working from home has gained huge traction this year.  The estimated number of employees working from home has leapt from 3.4% last year to 42% this year. And several companies, such as Twitter, have already stated their intention to maintain work from home post-pandemic.
  17.  To infinity and beyond – Japanese scientists successfully retrieved a pristine chunk of rock from an asteroid for the first time. And the US and China have both launched robot missions to Mars.
  18. Avoided the Great Depression – Despite the economy falling drastically in the spring, since reopening both GDP and job growth have been getting back on track.
  19. War Hero – Captain Sir Tom Moore raised £38.9m for NHS Charities Together and won the nation’s hearts.
  20. Universal Basic Income Impresses – Universal Basic Income, which has been popularized by the success it has had in Finland and Kenya, was utilized this year to protect our citizens. Programs like CERB kept our families safe and healthy during this difficult time.

2020 has been a year of highs and lows, and we have come out with a wiser, more compassionate perspective. We have learned to appreciate our social services, our healthcare heroes, our essential workers and everyone who has taken safety measures to keep our community safe. We may not be hand-in-hand because of social distancing, but this year has proven that we are moving forward with our hearts entwined, knowing that we are stronger and kinder together. We have made it this far with hard work and hope for a better and brighter future. Let’s keep going into 2021!