2021: Here We Come!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2021.

The changing of the calendar year creates a sense of rebirth and renewal. While functionally, our responsibilities remain the same day to day, however emotionally, a new year can manifest a restoration of hope. This hope is a new flame that will burn bright in our hearts as we move forward with determination. This hope needs to be supported not only through feeling but actions. Consider building compassion into your new year’s resolutions.

New Year’s Resolutions

Safety First – Let us continue to support health care workers and essential workers by maintaining your local health & safety guidelines concerning the coronavirus.

Self- Care – Last year was particularly challenging and investing in self-care and restful actions will prevent burnout. Holding space for your difficult feelings and asking for support as needed can do wonders for your mental health.

Exercise – Our bodies have changed and adapted to our new, and increasingly sedentary, lifestyle within the quarantine. Love your body for keeping you healthy during these stressful times and treat it with care. The gentle consistent movement will keep your joints and muscles flexible and strong. Consider picking up yoga for a restorative indoor activity or finding an accessible park or trail to hike for an invigorating outdoor activity.

Community – While we may stand physically apart, we stand together in collaboration. Connecting to loved ones via video conferencing, letter writing, and other methods will boost morale and maintain emotional health. Try and reach out to a loved one regularly because they may need the support as much as you do.

These are just some facets of your life that should be accounted for when making new year’s resolutions. Look within yourself and in your community to see how you can improve your life and support your loved ones. Just by following safety guidelines, you are doing so much to protect yourself and your community. Continue prioritizing these methods and hopefully, 2021 will see a bright future with increased access to vaccines and decrease numbers of coronavirus patients. Let’s hold fast to our goals and create 2021 we want to see.