Gifts that Bring Nature Indoors for the Disable and Homebound Seniors

If your elderly loved one adores nature but is not able to go outside and enjoy it, then they may feel a bit down in the dumps at times. Simply looking out the window at the world is not going to compare to walking around the backyard, hiking through the woods, or being near the water. As much as your elderly loved one adores nature, they probably would want more than anything to be able to go outside again and enjoy it. But, if your loved one is disabled or homebound, then they may not be able to go outside and enjoy all of the nature. If you take care of an elderly loved one who fits this description, then you could bring nature to them with a nice gift for their birthday or any type of holiday. Keep reading to learn about a few gift ideas that your loved one might enjoy if they are a nature lover.

Potted Plant

A pretty potted plant that can be placed next to a window in your elderly loved one’s home is a wonderful gift. A potted plant can bring cheer and a bit of nature indoors. Your loved one can find joy in taking care of the plant and always seeing it whenever they feel like their stuck in their own home. If you do choose this gift though, make sure that your loved one has someone to water the plant or can water the plant themselves. You can also choose from a variety of plants that have different difficulty levels to fit your loved one’s abilities and desire for nature.

Desktop or Tabletop Indoor Fountain

Battery operated indoor fountains eliminate the need for an electric cord that your loved one may trip over. These fountains provide the sounds of water without being large and in the way. A miniature fountain can be placed indoors on a kitchen table, a nightstand, or a desktop and give your loved one a calming, joyous feeling. There are many fountain styles available and you can choose from a variety of styles and colors to fit the decor of your loved one’s home.

A Book about Nature

Nature books are a treaty way to bring a variety of different landscapes indoors to your loved one. Nature books are thoughtful gifts that can fit your loved one’s interests. You can choose a book that is mostly reading or one that has many pictures in it to appease your loved one. You can also choose from a variety of landscapes and geographies to choose a thoughtful and unique gift for your loved one.

A Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription about nature is another thoughtful gift for your loved one. If your elderly loved one adores reading, then a magazine subscription about nature will be a welcomed gift that they can enjoy year round.

A Bouquet of Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are a great way to bring nature indoors. You can give your loved one a single bouquet of flowers or buy them a subscription for a bouquet of fresh flowers each month. Subscriptions can often be purchased for 3, 6, or 12 months. Simply search online for florists in their community that offer subscription services. Floral bouquets are unique gifts that will cheer up your loved one and make them happy each time they receive a new set of flowers.

Stationary or a Notepad with Nature Themes

If your loved one likes to write then buying them a stationary set or a notepad with a nature theme would be very thoughtful and useful. You could also purchase them nice nature themed stamps so they can sit down and send a few letters to their friends and family members.

Bird Feeder

A bird feeder is a wonderful gift that brings the gift of nature to your loved one’s backyard. If your loved one adores bird watching then the gift of a bird feeder is great. A bird feeder will bring different kinds of birds to your elderly loves ones backyard. If your loved one is homebound then make sure you place the feeder in a place where they can see it from a window in their living room or bedroom.

Decorative Flag

A decorative flag that can be placed outside but still seen from the inside of the home is a thoughtful gift for your loved one. Garden flags can be changed with the season to reflect your loved one’s interests and the seasons. Watching the flag from the inside is pleasant and allows your loved one to see how the wind is changing.


A CD of nature sounds is a nice gift that your loved one will adore. These CDs can be customized to fit their interests. You can find a variety of CDs that play bird songs, whale sounds, or simply the sounds of nature. This gift will give them much pleasure and may even help them fall asleep at night.

Garden Box

If your loved one is able to move to their patio then they may enjoy a garden box. You can place a small or large garden box on their back yard and help them plant a variety of veggies and herbs to enjoy. Over the summer they can tend to their garden and find joy in obtaining fresh veggies and herbs from their hard work.

Many people love and thoroughly enjoy nature. If your elderly loved one falls into this category then they may be missing the outdoors. Homebound or disabled seniors often feel depressed and upset during the change of seasons because they wish they could be outside. If your elderly loved one is disabled or homebound then they may long to be outside. Simply staring out their windows from their homes will not be enough to appease their love of nature, but some of these gifts may help brighten their day. All of these gifts would be thoughtful and pleasurable for your elderly loved ones. Choose one that fits their interests and desires and they will be sure to find joy and happiness in the gift.