Types of Mechanical Lifts for Homes

Unfortunately, one of the many consequences of growing older is the fact that many seniors lose their mobility. While they may not end up completely in a wheelchair, or bed-bound, many seniors do struggle with walking and getting up and down stairs properly. To combat these mobility issues, mechanical lifts can be installed in homes in order to make uninhabitable areas of their homes more habitable and cozy. With mechanical lifts, seniors can regain fulsome of their mobility and improve their quality of life. If your loved one is having issues maneuvering through their home, then keep reading to learn more about the different types of mechanical lifts that they can have installed to boost their mobility.

Chair Lift

The most common lift that is installed in senior households is the chair lift. This mechanical lift is ideal for homes that have multiple levels. It allows seniors to safely be lifted up and down the stairs so that they will not fall or injure themselves. These lifts attach to the bottom of a stairwell and allow seniors to sit in a cozy chair as they are lifted up or down the stairs. These lifts can be bulky for a narrow stairway, but they are an enormous timesaver and are a tremendous help to caregivers and seniors who have issues go up and down the stairs in their home.

Chair lift in an old peoples home

Wheelchair Stair Lift

A wheelchair stair lift is similar to a common chair lift; the only difference is that a wheelchair stair lift has a platform for a wheelchair instead of a comfortable chair. This stair lift allows a senior to take their wheelchair with them up and down the stairs and provides them with a way to tackle the stairs by themselves. It is great for seniors who are unable to transfer themselves from their wheelchairs to a chair lift and allows caregivers to not have to hall a wheelchair up and down stairs for their loved one.

Personal Elevator

Larger, more expansive homes may need elevators installed into them in order to make them more maneuverable for your loved one. Personal elevators are a good idea for homes that are two or more stories tall and that have a lot of stairs. They are not super expensive to install and can often be installed into already established closets. Elevators can be used by people in wheelchairs or by seniors who have a walker or cane and find it difficult to go up and down the stairs in their home.

Wheelchair Platform Lift

If your loved one enjoys being outside, then a wheelchair platform lift may allow them to enjoy the outdoors and get on and off of their front or back porch. A wheelchair platform lift allows its users to roll onto the platform and then press a button to go up or down to reach the porch or the sidewalk. These lifts are a great addition to any home of an outdoors lover or for someone who simply wants to be able to get their mail each day.

Ceiling Lift

A ceiling lift is designed to help your elderly loved one get in and out of bed. If they have difficulties transferring themselves from their wheelchair to their bed, then a ceiling lift is perfect for them. These lifts are usually fixed in one room most likely the bedroom and designed for patients with limited mobility or little to no weight bearing capabilities.

Portable Hoyer Lift

A portable Hoyer lift is also designed to help seniors transfer themselves from their wheelchairs to their beds, couches, or commodes. These lifts are on wheels and are easily moved from one area of their homes to another.

Pool Lift

If your elderly loved one enjoys swimming and has a swimming pool, then a pool lift is a great addition to their home. A pool lift is similar to a chair lift, but it is made with waterproof material. Your loved one can sit on the chair and be transferred into the pool to swim, or can enjoy the water from the comfort of the chair.

Dumb Waiter

A dumb waiter is a mini manual elevator that allows your loved one to transfer laundry, prepared meals, or other heavy items up and down floors. They are ideal for seniors who are unable to maneuver the stairs easily and who often need items transferred from one floor to another.

Bathtub Lift

Bathtub lifts are simple lifts that allow your loved one to be transferred in and out of a bathtub. They are battery operated and lower all of the way to the floor of the tub before rising back to the tub’s rim. These lifts are also portable so they can be moved when other family members use the bathtub.

Recliner Lift Chair

Recliners are comfy chairs that many seniors love, but they may be hard to get out of once your loved one is comfortable. Recliner lift chairs allow seniors to sit down in their favorite chair and then be helped out of the chair when they wish to get up. These chairs practically stand up to help your loved one out of the chair and onto stable ground.

Wheelchair Lift for Vans

If your loved one is wheelchair bound, then they may require a wheelchair lift for a van to be transported to appointments, errands, or around the town. These lifts typically allow your loved one to roll onto a platform and then they and their chair are lifted into the van. Most often their wheelchairs will be secured in place in the vehicle and your loved one will not have to worry about moving into a car seat.

Mechanical lifts are great additions to anyone’s home that is having difficulties getting around on their own. They are typically easy to install and may be covered by health insurance. If your loved one has trouble moving around their home, then mechanical lifts could increase their quality of life and help them become more mobile and comfortable in their own home.

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